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General information

The Association of Spatial Planning Scientists (RUBEL) was founded at a time when it was difficult for spatial planning specialists to find work. RUBEL devised a number of initiatives to improve employment opportunities for Spatial Planning graduates. For example, members were given the opportunity to acquire work experience. The association organised courses and conferences revolving around subjects relating to spatial planning and geography, and activities designed to promote social contact between its members.

Over the last few years, employment opportunities in this sector have greatly improved. As a result, the annual general meeting of RUBEL members decided to disband the association. As a shareholder in the STEC Group (the company stemming from the association), the association found itself in possession of substantial assets after selling its shares. The annual general meeting therefore decided to invest the ensuing assets in a separate fund for Spatial Planning Scientists: the RUBEL Fund.

Why a named fund?

In the event of a substantial gift, a named fund allows the founding body to make its own decisions about the name, the goals and the conditions. Funding from the RUBEL Fund enables students of Spatial Planning and Geography to organise activities relating to their programme and gain work experience.

The RUBEL Fund was set up as a responsible way of spending the residual assets. The fund will therefore continue to serve the aims laid down in the RUBEL statutes. One of these aims is to encourage students of spatial planning and geography to organise activities relating to their programme and gain work experience. The RUBEL Fund will be part of the faculty.