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Elective space Bachelor Programme

Please note: different regulations apply to the programme in International Business Administration!

Within the Bachelor’s programmes Business Administration / Bedrijfskunde, students have to gain 24 EC of their credits in the form of elective credits in their compulsory programme. For instance, this can be composed of two courses worth 12 EC, four courses worth 6 EC, or five courses worth 3 EC and one course worth 9 EC. Electives are university level courses that do not strongly overlap with mandatory courses. You can quite freely choose your electives and they do not have to be related to your own field of study. You do not need to get permission before selecting your courses at RU; only in case you want to take elective credits at another university, in or outside the Netherlands, you need to get prior permission by the Examining Board. You can contact your study advisor for this permission as he/she will deal with this matter on behalf of the board.

Students participating in the Business Economics Bachelor’s specialisation can include Dutch-taught electives in their programme in addition to or instead of English-taught courses. Students of the Bedrijfskunde and Business Administration Bachelor’s specialisations enjoy the same freedom when it comes to the language of instruction for electives. However, we strongly encourage students of the specialisation Business Administration to take all courses in their Bachelor’s programme in English, including the elective courses.

There are many possibilities to fill in your elective space.