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Courses as electives

General tips for choosing your electives

  • You are not required to take electives during the semesters and blocks in which they have been placed according to your study programme. You can take an elective whenever it is offered, so also in the first block of your second year programme, and when you have time.
  • it is up to you if you would like to take more than 24 EC of elective courses. If desired, additional courses that you have successfully completed can be listed on the supplement that accompanies your Bachelor’s diploma.
  • Consult the study guides for the content of the courses. Check whether they are potential electives (see the content item “inschrijven voor bijvakkers”) and check whether you fulfil the prerequisites. If you are in doubt as to whether you are able to include a particular elective course in your programme or if you would like more information on how suitable a course is or on the best order in which to take certain courses, please contact the study advisor from the relevant degree programme.
  • To enroll in a course, please make sure you register on time in Osiris (or through the student desk such as with Law courses where registration happens at the Grotius Student Desk).
  • It’s preferable that electives are related to each other to some extent (even though courses that are eligible as electives may have little in common with each other).
  • Talk to others who already picked their electives/are orienting as well.

There are different possibilities to choose your electives from: