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Electives from other programmes at RU

Regular courses from other faculties are also an option to fill up your elective space. There is a large offer. Electives at other faculties, could for example be:

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Organisational Psychology
  • Work Psychology
  • Introductie Communicatiewetenschap
  • Inleiding Sociologie
  • Social Capital
  • Media content*
  • Media en beïnvloeding*
  • Gender and Diversity: Policies and Practices

*This course can only be taken if you have passed all first-year courses of Business Administration/Bedrijfskunde (60 EC).

Faculty of Law

  • Inleiding tot de Rechtswetenschap
  • Inleiding Belastingrecht* (course code JUR-2INLBELA)
  • Privaatrecht
  • Ondernemingsrecht
  • Staats- en Bestuursrecht
  • Arbeidsrecht (course code JUR-2ARBRECHT)
  • Inkomsten- en Vennootschapsbelasting

*Students who are attending the Bachelor's specialization in Business Economics and want to pre-sort for the Post-Master Accountancy program at Tilburg University or for the Master Fiscaal Recht at RU Nijmegen, must complete the course for 6 EC, in other words including an essay. If desired, other students can suffice with the 5 EC variant of the course (without an essay).

Please note: the Faculty of Law only offers Dutch taught Bachelor’s level courses. If it is not possible to register in OSIRIS for courses, then the registration happens at the Grotius Student Desk

Faculty of Arts

  • Marketing Communication
  • Corporate Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Information Science
  • Media en beïnvloeding

Please note: The course Organisation and Management is not suitable as elective (too much overlap with mandatory courses Business Administration / Bedrijfskunde)

Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies

  • Kenleer en Wetenschapsleer
  • Logica
  • In Pursuit of Well-being
  • The Psychology of Happiness
  • Happiness Economics

Faculty of Science

  • Some (English-taught) courses of the Bachelor’s programme in Computing Science might be interesting as electives for Business Administration / Bedrijfskunde students such as “Information Systems”, “Information Modelling and Databases”.
  • In the Student Company elective (NWI-GCSE008), you start your own business with fellow students. You will set up a core management team and assign responsibilities. You will do market research, write a business plan, develop a product/service, find potential customers and issue shares. You are going to make real money and preferably make profit. At the end of the course you organize a shareholder meeting and explain your strategy and actions to your financiers. The course (6EC) is intended for students in the final stage of the bachelor (FNWI, FSW en NSM). The course will run from September till June. A round of selection interviews may be part of the admission procedure. More information about Student Company can be found on this webpage, watch the information clip on YouTube and contact Nanne Migchels (n.migchels@fm.ru.nl).

Please note: not all faculties work with blocks and the same year schedule. Check in advance whether you have overlapping exams and register on time for your courses.