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Minors outside Radboud University

Of course you are also allowed to follow a minor at another university in the Netherlands. However, please take into account that some minors may include more than 24 EC and courses might overlap with our curriculum. You have to arrange your registration (as an “elective student”) at the other university by yourself and take care that you register in time for courses. You furthermore need to get prior permission by the Examining Board to take courses elsewhere. Please contact your study advisor for this permission as he/she will deal with this matter on behalf of the board. After finishing the courses, students have to hand in a certified transcript to the study advisor in order to receive the EC.

Please be aware that it is only possible to follow courses at another university in the Netherlands when you pay the statutory tuition fees.

Some options of minors at other universities are:

  • Tilburg University

Tilburg University offers a variety of interesting Business Administration minors. These minors take place in semester 1 and are worth 18 EC. Some examples are the minors Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management and Marketing Analytics.

  • Utrecht University

University Utrecht offers the minor Arbeids- en Organisatiepsychologie which is worth 30 EC and consists of 4 courses. An overview of other minors can be found here.

  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has an extensive offer of minors which can be found here. Most of these minors are worth 30 EC and consist of 5 courses. Some examples are the minors Brain and Mind, Entrepreneurship and Risk Management for Financial Institutions.

  • Wageningen University

Wageningen University offers the Minor Education which is worth 30 EC and takes a whole semester. This minor can be interesting for those of you that are considering to do the Educatieve Postmaster Bedrijfseconomie / Algemene Economie at the Radboud Teaching Academy. An overview of other minors at Wageningen University can be found here.