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Some professions require a Post-Master’s Degree which you can follow once you have completed your Master’s. You can use your elective space to work on possible deficiencies for the Post-Master.

Post-Master Accountancy (PMA)

Students of the Bachelor’s specialisation Business Economics that (after the Master’s programme in Economics, specialisation Accounting and Control at Radboud University) are interested in the Post-Master Accountancy (PMA) programme at Tilburg University or Maastricht University, can use their elective space to eliminate four deficiencies by taking the following law courses at Radboud University:

  • Inleiding Belastingrecht voor Buitenfacultaire Studenten (semester 1, 6 EC – including the essay)
  • Ondernemingsrecht (semester 2, 7 EC)
  • Inkomsten- en Vennootschapsbelasting (semester 2, 6 EC)
  • Inleiding tot de Rechtswetenschap (semester 1, 9 EC) or Inleiding Recht (Public Administration course, semester 2, 6 EC)

Please contact your study advisor for more information.

Educational Master Radboud Teaching Academy / Educatieve Master Radboud Docenten Academie

The Educational Master of the Radboud Teaching Academy is a one-year programme that educates you to become a teacher in Business Economics or General Economics for secondary education. You will get a first-degree teaching certificate that allows you to each in all years of secondary education, the MBO and adult education. This one-year educational master is a so-called postmaster which you can follow once you have completed your ‘ordinary’ Master’s degree.

Admission requirements Educational Master Business Economics / Educatieve Master Bedrijfseconomie

  • Bachelor’s degree in Bedrijfskunde / Business Administration
  • Master’s degree

Admission requirements Educational Master General Economics / Educatieve Master Algemene Economie

  • Bachelor’s degree in Bedrijfskunde / Business Administration
  • Master’s degree
  • Satisfactory mark for the following courses:
    • Macro-economie
    • Micro-economie
    • Geschiedenis van het Economisch Denken
    • Internationale Economie
    • Behavioral and Experimental Economics or Economic Policy & Public finance or Institutional Economics

Please be aware that the programme is taught in Dutch. You can find more information about the Radboud Teaching Academy over here.