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Examining Board

The Examining Board consists of several members of the educational staff. The committee monitors compliance with the Education and Examination Regulations and handles all written requests from students concerning exemptions, extra examination possibilities, alternative means of testing, and complaints about tests and test results. As a student, you can also report to the examination board if extraordinary circumstances occur which are not regulated in the Teaching and Examination Regulations.

You are advised however to meet with the advisor of studies first, before appealing to the Examining Board. If you want to appeal to the Examining Board, please use this webform.

Composition of the Examing Board

Chairperson: Dr J.P. de Jong
Secretary: M. Zuil-Miedema
Members: Dr K.F. van den Oever, Dr Y. van Rossenberg, Dr L.J. Lekkerkerk and Dr H.W.M. Joosten
External member: Dr. D. Reimsbach

Advisory members: R.C.M. Friesen, L.V.M. Meijssen,  J.E.L. Sas-Müller, M. Hippmann MSc and H.J.J.M. Custers


The Examining Board is chaired by Dr J.P. de Jong.
Postal address: Examining Board, Secretariat of Business Administration, P.O. Box 9108, 6500 HK Nijmegen
Secretariat Examing Board: Elinor Ostrombuilding, room 02.715
E-mail address: examencommissiebedrijfskunde@fm.ru.nl