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Programme committee


Each degree programme has a programme committee (OLC - Opleidingscommissie). The programme committee monitors the quality of the degree programme. The most important tasks are the evaluation of education and providing a recommendation when the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) are established each year. Furthermore, the programme committee is the place where students and lecturers can discuss all educational matters with each other. The committee may also provide an unsolicited recommendation to the dean and the programme director.


The Programme committee consists of five student members from the various years and five lecturers from the various chairs. In the academic year 2022-2023, the Programme committee is composed as follows:

Teaching members

Prof. dr. ir. V.A.W.J. Marchau
Dr. L. Vermeerbergen
Dr. ir. G.W. Ziggers (Chair)

Student members

Isabelle Bos
Cadine van Dam
Carlijn Smet
Yasmijn Hoogendoorn
Sydney Willemsen


R.C.M. Friesen – Study advisor
M. Hippmann MSc – Study advisor
Ir. L.V.M. Meijssen – Study advisor
H.E. Winters – Study Advisor

Representative Synergy

Shayra van der Mooren


Drs. M. Zuil


T.a.v. Secretariaat Bedrijfskunde, kamer EOS N 02.715
Radboud University 
Nijmegen School of Management
Postbus 9108 
6500 HK Nijmegen

The student members of the programme committee can be reached via Facebook or via olcbedrijfskunde@fm.ru.nl.