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Preparing for a Master IPE

Within the Master’s programme in Political Science you can choose to follow a specialisation in International Political Economy (IPE). The following additional admission requirements apply to this specialisation: The admission requirements for International Political Economy are as follows:

  • Completed Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.
  • At least 18 ECTS in Economics courses completed.

More information about admission to this Master’s specialisation can be found on this website.

How does this affect Bachelor’s students of Political Science at Radboud University?

You followed the courses in Economie van de Managementwetenschappen [Economics of Management Sciences] (6 ECTS)  and Introduction to International Political Economy (6 ECTS) as part of the Political Science curriculum. Students can use these courses for 12 ECTS of the 18 ECTS of additional prior knowledge. This means that students still have to take 6 ECTS of courses offered by the Economics programme. We recommend the Macro-Economics or International Economics course.

How does this affect the elective space of Political Science students?

Students who want to choose the Master’s specialisation in International Political Economy can fill part of their elective space with Economics courses.