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Minors for non-Political Sciences students

Please note: the Nijmegen School of Management applies deadlines for registering for courses, exams and resits. Rules and house rules also apply during these exams.

Why follow a minor in Political Science?

Are you not a student of Political Science, but have you always wanted to know more about politics? Have you noticed that many topics you encounter during your studies have a political side to them? Do you think that it will be important to know about the political field your organisation operates in for your future employment? Then use your elective space to complete a minor in Political Science.

What minors in Political Science are there?

The Political Science programme offers four minors, each worth 24 EC. Each minor consists of four courses of 6 EC. You can choose from four minors.

  • Vergelijkende Politicologie
  • Politieke Filosofie
  • Internationale Betrekkingen
  • Europese Integratie

Where can I register?

Registration for the minors is not necessary. You can register for the courses of your preferred minor on Osiris. Have you successfully completed all courses? The you can request a certificate on this page.

I would like more information

Has your question not been answered? Then get in touch with the study advisor, Ms Elze Haukes.