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Study Advisors

Do you have questions about examinations, the Education and Examination Regulations (EER), enrollment requirements, elective courses, internships, choice of Master’s programme or other study-related subjects? The study advisor can help. He is the first point of contact for study-related issues.

You should especially contact your study advisor if you are not capable of meeting your study requirements for a long period due to illness or other personal circumstances. If necessary, the study advisor can refer you to other support bodies, such as the study and career advisers, student psychologists or student deans.

The study advisor makes a note of the conversation between the study advisor and the student. This will be placed in Osiris, where you can view it yourself. These notes can also be shared to the study advisors within the Nijmegen School of Management and/or the department Student Support - which consists of for example student trainers and student psychologists - of the Radboud University. If you have any objections to sharing the note(s), you can indicate this in the conversation with the study advisor and the note will not be shared.

The study advisor is an advisory member of the Examining Board. In addition, study advisors provide information sessions for prospective students.

Study advisor Bachelor's Political Science
Dorianne van Schaijk
EOS N 02.513
T: 0631132698
Appointments can be scheduled via the online application form here >

Temporary Study Advisor (pre)Master's Political Science (Until 9-10-2023)
Drs. Peter van Oorschot
Kamer: EOS 03.713
T: 06-31132657
Appointments can be scheduled via the online application form here >

Study Advisor (pre)Master's Political Science
Mark Verhaag
Kamer: EOS 03.713
T: 024-3613068
Appointments can be scheduled via the online application form here >

Appointments can be scheduled via the online application form below
For small and simple questions which are easily answered, please set up a short 15 minute appointment. If your question is more complex, such as making an individual planning, evaluating your study progress, doubts about your choice of study or reporting personal issues, please make a longer 30 minute appointment.

Cancel, change or reschedule an appointment
You can cancel the appointment via the link in the confirmation email. Do you want to change the appointment from "on campus" to "online" due to health problems? Please contact the study advisor as soon as possible, her email address can be found in the confirmation email.