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Elective space Bachelor Programme

During your studies, in addition to the compulsory curriculum courses, you have elective space so you can deepen or broaden your understanding of Public Administration according to your own interests. Above all, this elective space offers you many opportunities for further academic development in a way that suits you. You could, for example, think about taking courses in other study programmes, going abroad or doing an internship. How you deal with the elective space is entirely up to you!

You can use your elective space at any point during your Bachelor’s programme. This means that you can take electives from another study programme from your first year, for example. In the third year of the Bachelor’s programme, there are deliberately no compulsory courses in Public Administration for one semester, so you have the opportunity to deepen or broaden your academic knowledge beyond the curriculum. You can find more information about the third-year electives below.

You do not have to wait until the third year of your study programme to enroll for electives; you can start from your first year. This can be useful, for example, if you want to do a six-month internship abroad. You cannot get the 30 ECTS that you need to fill the whole elective space in your third year for this. By taking courses in earlier years, you can get a jump on filling the elective space. The elective space is not limited to the electives offered in the third year. During your studies, you may seek as many challenges and perspective changers as you like. So go talk to others, get inspired and do what you like and find interesting!

In the Public Administration Bachelor’s programme, you have to complete a total of 30 ECTS of electives. The electives allow you to deepen or broaden your Bachelor’s programme. There are several options for filling in the 30 ECTS, and it is also possible to combine these options. You will find a short description of the five options below. More information about these five options can be found by clicking on the blocks below.