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Programme committee Public Administration


Every degree programme has a programme committee. The programme committee monitors the quality of the degree programme. The most important tasks are the evaluation of education and the provision of advice on the annual adoption of the Education and Examination Regulations (EER). Furthermore, the programme committee is the place where students and lecturers can discuss all educational matters with each other. The committee may also provide an unsolicited recommendation to the dean, the management team of the degree program and the portfolio holder of Education.


The programme committee (PC) consists of student members from the various years and (at least) five lecturers. In the 2021-2022 academic year, the PC is composed as follows:

Teaching members

Hester Paanakker (chair)
Dorian Schaap
Gijs-Jan Brandsma
Ina Radtke
Bart Voorn
Carmen Verduijn (study advisor)

Student members

Fabio Berisha
Joor Bluemink
Anna Bosch
Tjeu van Boxtel
Kyra Gerritsen


Programme committee Public Administration
Secretariat: Department of Public Administration, room EOS N 02.212 
Radboud University Nijmegen 
Nijmegen School of Management
Postbus 9108 
6500 HK Nijmegen 
T: (024) 361 2754

The student members of the programme committee can be reached via olc.bestuurskunde@ru.nl.