2022 Summer School in Social Research Methods

(June 20 – July 1)

A Methods Excellence Network Event, hosted by Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University, the Netherlands
World-class methods courses -- and so much more

If you want to bring your research to the next level, the Summer School in Social Research Methods is the place to be. It is a unique venue: besides world-class methods courses taught by top pedagogues, with small-group interaction and individual tutoring, you get more:

  • Tailored advice on choosing courses and a sequence across week 1 and week 2;
  • Pluralism, via the full diversity of methods covered;
  • Linking up. The Summer School spirit is all about community-building, sharing, and networking.
  • A rich optional afternoon programme that enables you to:
    1. step back and reflect your research via transversal research design sessions,
    2. get feedback from other researchers and diverse methods experts via a dissertation workshop,
    3. follow a supplemental short course.

So: for a given week, your registration fee gives you access to a given course (15 hours) + up to 11.5 hours of extra training activities;

Feel free to browse through our top courses, check out our afternoon programme - and if something catches your eye, register via the Radboud Summer School digital environment.


MethodsNET is a global professional network of methods experts in the social sciences. It is dedicated to promoting accessible world-class methods training, methodological pluralism and innovation. We also aim to promote cross-disciplinary fertilization, career development and lifelong learning. We follow a not-for-profit logic in our operations and in the events we (co-) organize or endorse. For more information, click here.

Nijmegen School of Management

NSM carries out state-of-the-art research into how organisations and governments manage and govern complex problems in their strive for more sustainable societies. The unique combination of disciplines we house – Public Administration, Political Science,  Business Administration, Economics, Environmental Governance, Spatial Planning and Human Geography – allows for a truly distinctive interdisciplinary approach to such grand challenges. Moreover, we offer cutting-edge methodological research and teaching, at the interface of intervention methods, action research and ‘deep’ empirical research methodology, based on involvement with stakeholders and embedding within the field.

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