ECTS policy

Each week, participants can earn up to 5 ECTS credits.

2 ECTS credits - Come to the course, do the readings, and participate actively and you can receive 2 credits (90% attendance required)

3 ECTS - Come to the course, come prepared, participate actively, and do one of the two extra tasks* offered by the instructor to earn 3 ECTS credits. (90% attendance required)

4 ECTS - Come to the course, come prepared, participate actively and do both of the two extra tasks* offered by the instructor to earn 4 ECTS credits. (90% attendance required)

+1 extra ECTS Credit - Come to all of the afternoon plenary sessions and dissertation workshops, come prepared and participate actively to earn one additional ECTS credit.

* Extra tasks could include (but are not limited to) day to day assignments, an exam, a presentation, or a paper. Note: Instructors can require work to be done for class independent of how many credits the participant plans to receive. For example, for a full learning experience instructors may ask you to present your ideas, work, discuss course content, work in groups, do some peer reviewing of other participants’ work, etc.

ECTS certificates

Since one or both of the extra tasks offered by the instructor may have a submission deadline up to three weeks since the end of the course, ECTS certificates are issued in two batches:

  • For participants meeting the requirements (90% attendance, doing the readings), a certificate awarding 2 ECTS credits is issued at the end of the course week.
  • For the additional 1-3 ECTS credits, another certificate is issued after the last task submission deadline.

Grades on ECTS certificates

The first 2 ECTS credits, awarded at the end of the course week, are pass/fail. For the additional, up to 3 ECTS credits:

  • The 1-2 ECTS that can be obtained for carrying out one or two extra tasks are pass/fail by default. Should you require a grade for your institution to recognize the ECTS credits, please notify us and this will be provided for in due time.
  • The 1 ECTS obtained for participating in the afternoon academic activities is pass/fail.