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2nd IRUN conference in Munster

As you well know the International Research Universities Network (IRUN) has been established to improve the quality of research and teaching at the universities
involved, by stimulating and facilitating the exchange of researchers, lecturers and students among the network. Special emphasis within the network is given to the cooperation between female professors at IRUN universities. After last year’s 1st Conference of the IRUN Network of Female Professors in Nijmegen, the University of Münster organizes a 2nd conference especially aimed at the female professors’ body within IRUN. The conference took place 17-18 April 2009 in Münster, and was intended for female professors and researchers and officers für equal opportunities.
The conference addressed two main topics:
On Friday 17 April the situation of Women Professors at European Universities was be discussed.
Saturday 18 April will address the topic of gender in health research, with the main focus on current, gender related research and further perspectives.