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Symposium Leadership in Academia

‘“But I am a scientist, not a leader!”: Why Leadership Matters in Academia’

When: Thursday September 14th 2017, 14:00-17:00

Where: Grotius building room 1.176

Who: everyone (!) who is interested in the topic

What is leadership? Why does leadership matter in academia? When and why is it ‘good’ or ‘bad’? Is leadership a natural talent or can leaders be created? How do leadership styles differ between people and contexts? Do gender differences and roles affect leadership? And which stand does Radboud University take regarding leadership?

To get an answer on these questions, Radboud University’s Female Full Professors Network and the Halkes Women Faculty Network organise a joint symposium on Leadership in Academia. The symposium aims to bring together (wo)men of all academic levels, from PhD students to full professors, in order to participate in a critical discussion and share their ideas and experiences on leadership in academia.

The programme is as follows:

13:45-14:00 Registration
14:00-14:10 Welcome by Chairs of RNVH & Halkes
14:10-14:20 Opening by prof. dr. Daniel Wigboldus (Executive Board Radboud University)
14:20-14:55 Keynote speech by prof. Tanja van der Lippe (Department of Sociology, Utrecht University)
15:00-16:15 Workshops:

  • Personal leadership with Working Soft by dr. Claartje van Sijl (Van Sijl Counseling & Training)
  • Group leadership in an academic environment by Martin de Ruiter and Manon Dahler (Het Consulaat)
  • Leadership at Radboud University by drs. Wilma de Koning (Executive Board Radboud University) and Jeannette Heldens (Central HR Department Radboud University)

16:15-16:30 Reflection on leadership in academia by prof. Hans Thijssen (Professor of History of Philosophy and former Dean at Radboud University)
16:30-17:00 Drinks

We cordially invite everyone at Radboud University to join our symposium.
The symposium is free of charge.

About the keynote speaker and the workshops:

Tanja van der Lippe is Professor of Sociology of Households and Employment Relations at the Department of Sociology and Research School ICS of Utrecht University, head of the Department of Sociology and research director of ICS Utrecht.

She has published extensively on the positions of men and women on the labor market, including supervisory positions in Western and Eastern European countries. One of her current projects focuses on the impact of female leadership in social inequalities.

In her keynote speech she will shares insights from her research on gender differences in leading positions and from her own experience as a leader in academia. More information can be found at www.uu.nl/staff/tvanderlippe.

Personal Leadership with Working Soft by dr. Claartje van Sijl
How to make time for what truly matters? When to say ‘no’? How to make sure you have abundant energy to creatively build your dream? 
In this playful workshop you learn how to stop working hard and take back control. Working Soft is the counterpart of working hard: a practical method to adopt smart working habits. Dr. Claartje van Sijl invites you to reflect on how habits of working hard and working soft direct your work and life. You will be inspired by the exchange with your fellow academics. And you leave with plenty, easy to implement tips to apply the art of working soft immediately.

Dr. Claartje van Sijl helps academics to improve their soft skills for better science and to find their philosophy for life and career. Find out more at www.vansijl.com.

Group Leadership in an academic environment by Martin de Ruiter and Manon Dahler (Het Consulaat)
Leading a research group in academia: how to value individual qualities and contribute to the interests of the research group?

In this workshop, you’ll be invited to take a seat in the director’s chair in a theatre with actors who will simulate realistic leadership situations in academia. You’ll discuss the added value of different team roles and qualities, dealing with diversity in daily interactions, and enabled to reflect on your own role as part of the research team, either as a group leader or as one of the researchers.

Martin de Ruiter and Manon Dahler are both consultant and actor at ‘het Consulaat’. More information can be found at www.hetconsulaat.nl.

Leadership at Radboud University by drs. Wilma de Koning (Executive Board Radboud University) and Jeannette Heldens (Central HR Department Radboud University)
For this workshop, we invited one of the members of the Executive Board at Radboud University to present the new vision on leadership at the Radboud University that is currently under development. This vision is based on several brainstorm sessions with diverse groups of employees at the university in which their ideas and opinions on leadership were collected. The results of these sessions are summarised in the concept document ‘Courage, connection and transparency: towards a challenging vision on leadership at the Radboud University’. The document can be found here in English and in Dutch.

In this workshop, the realisation of this document will be illustrated and participants are invited to enter into dialogue, reflect and give their feedback on the new vision on leadership. The participants’ feedback will be incorporated in the final version of the document. Whether in a leading position or not, everyone is encouraged to participate in the dialogue.