Radboud Women Professors Network

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The Radboud Women Professors Network was created by women professors at Radboud University in 2001. The network brings together women professors from both Radboud University and Radboudumc to promote the position of women in academia.

The network encourages and facilitates the exchange of experiences, mutual support and advocacy of women staff. On this site you will find more information about the network and its activities.

Board of the Radboud Women Professors Network

Prof. dr. Ashley Terlouw

Professor Ashley Terlouw has been Professor of Sociology of Law at the Faculty of Law since 2008. She chairs one of that faculty's two research centres the Research Centre for State and Law. She is also a member of the State Commission against Discrimination and Racism and coordinated the parliamentary enquiry of the Senate on the question of what legislators can do to counter discrimination. In addition, she chairs the standing committee of experts in European immigration, refugee and criminal law (the Meijers Committee).  Read more about her.

Prof. dr. Maaike van Berkel

Professor Maaike van Berkel has been professor of medieval history at Radboud University since 2015. She is a historian and Arabist, specialising in the social and cultural history of the Middle East with a particular interest in literacy, court culture, bureaucracy, urban organisation and water management. Read more about her.

Joke Leenders

Joke Leenders is a Senior Researcher and Policy Advisor on gender equality in the Division of Human Resources. Read more about her.

From left to right: Prof Agnes Akkerman (former chairperson), Prof Ashley Terlouw (chairperson), Prof Maaike van Berkel (vice-chairperson) and Prof Ans van Kemenade (former vice-chairperson).