2017 Award winners

Four scientists receive the Radboud Network of Women Professors Award 2017.

During the Women in the Spotlight conference on 8 March 2019, four female researchers from Radboud University and the Radboud university medical center received the 2017 Network of Women Professors Award. Once every two years, this award is granted to exceptional female scientists who have had a PhD for five years or less. The prize is 1000 euros that the recipient can spend as she sees fit.

Award Winners 2017

from left to right: Dr Connie de Vos, Dr Kim Bonger, Dr Maartje Luijten, and Dr Alma Tostmann

The jury, consisting of Prof. Han van Krieken, Prof. Lutgarde Buydens, Prof. Carla Rita Palmerion, and Prof. Monique Leyenaar, received no less than 41 nominations, who were all very deserving. These nominations were judged on the basis of five criteria:

  • scientific output in research (judged on originality, social relevance, individual contribution, quality, and quantity);
  • participation in education;
  • social involvement and activities;
  • award and grant relevance;
  • international experience and activities.

It was striking to see that a number of the nominees exhibit substantial social involvement in their extra activities which they perform in addition to their research and education. They not only make their research accessible for a larger audience in a creative and inspiring way, but they are also involved in all kinds of collaborations both inside and outside of the academic community. The jury granted the award to the following four winners arranged by scientific discipline:

Humanities Category: Dr Connie de Vos, Postdoc Researcher, Centre for Language Studies, Faculty of Arts.

Natural Sciences Category: Dr Kim Bonger, Assistant Professor, Institute for Molecules and Materials, Faculty of Science.

Social Sciences Category: Dr Maartje Luijten, Assistant Professor, Behavioural Science Institute, Faculty of Social Sciences.

Medical Sciences Category: Dr Alma Tostmann, Researcher & Lecturer, Primary Healthcare Department, Radboud Institute for Health Sciences.

Click on the links to read the jury reports for the winners.