Philosophy and the Public Forum
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Course moduleFTR-FIPPSB107
Credits (ECTS)5
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies; Opleiding Filosofie;
dr. A.S. Kleinherenbrink
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dr. A.S. Kleinherenbrink
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dr. A.S. Kleinherenbrink
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2018
PER3-PER4  (04/02/2019 to 09/06/2019)
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  • Acquaint yourself with the fundamental theories and techniques of rhetoric and argument analysis;
  • Apply those theories and techniques in the analysis of a public debate;
  • Use those theories and techniques, along with your findings from (2), to prepare and give a philosophically informed and rhetorically sound presentation concerning that debate.
Every fact, value, or idea vitally depends on being communicated effectively. Even the Absolute Truth, if such a thing exists, would remain obscure if it nobody would make the effort to persuasively argue in its favor.
The study of effective speaking and writing is called rhetoric. Studying rhetoric greatly increases your understanding of the ocean of communication in which you are submerged on a daily basis – ranging from theories to commercials and from private conversations to public debates.
This course teaches you the fundamentals of rhetoric and argument analysis. You learn to apply those theories and techniques in practice: first, by analyzing a public debate; second, by shaping and presenting your own philosophically informed position in that debate in a rhetorically sound way.
At the beginning of the course, you select a public debate that you want to work on during the semester. Through a series of assignments (at home) and exercises (in class), you analyze the arguments and the rhetoric that characterize it. This leads up to a final presentation in which you use your findings to take up your own position in that debate. 
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Heinrichs, J. (2017). Thank You for Arguing, Third Edition. Three Rivers Press: New York. ISBN: 9780804189934

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