Bachelor's Thesis
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Course moduleFTR-FIPPSB350-1
Credits (ECTS)10
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies; Opleiding Filosofie;
dr. J. Tembo
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dr. J. Tembo
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Academic year2023
SEM1  (04/09/2023 to 28/01/2024)
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RemarksPlease note that this group is only accessible for students who for are (a) studying abroad or (b) doing an internship,
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Once you have completed the course, you will be able to:
  • formulate a problem definition;
  • collect and process relevant literature;
  • incorporate the collected material into a clearly structured argument;
  • substantiate a choice or position with arguments;
  • draw logical conclusions from the argument;
  • write a paper that meets common requirements in terms of style, design, and references;
  • provide feedback on the structure of fellow students' paper.
This semester, there will be only one thesis group, with the following theme:

Philosophy and modern societies: Race, Religion, Gender, and Class - Josias Tembo
The past few years have seen a new wave of planetary antiracist and antisexist protests such as the Black Lives Matter and the #metoo movements which have allowed public discussions about structural racism and sexism in present societies. Since the past few decades, some scholars have been bringing to our attention the intersectional roles of race, religion, gender, and class in structuring modern societies and dominant systems of knowledge about modern societies. These social protests and scholarly knowledge have allowed social, political, and philosophical awareness that race, religion, gender, and class did not only structure the organisation of modern societies and knowledge production in past, but also, that they still do in the present. This Bachelor Thesis Course aims to allow students to develop an adequate philosophical understanding of how race, religion, gender, and class have been central to the organisation of past and present modern societies and dominant systems of knowledge production. In other words, the course provides the academic space and guidance in which students will ask their own questions (and develop their own plausible answers) about the roles of race, religion, gender, and class in the formation of modern societies and the production of hegemonic knowledge(s) in the past and/or in the present.
The Bachelor’s thesis is the aptitude test that concludes the Bachelor's programme. The student shows that they are capable of conducting research under the supervision of a lecturer
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Studenten die zeer goed Nederlands beheersen in woord en geschrift, kunnen ook een Nederlandstalige bachelorwerkstukgroep kiezen. Zie cursus FTR-FIBA309-1 en FTR-FIBA309-2.
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Bachelor's Thesis
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Test typeThesis
OpportunitiesBlock SEM1, Block SEM2