Seminar Greek
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Course moduleFTR-THMA100
Credits (ECTS)5
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies; Opleiding Theologie;
dr. S.A. Bledsoe
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dr. S.A. Bledsoe
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dr. S.A. Bledsoe
Other course modules lecturer
dr. A. Oegema
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Academic year2020
SEM1  (31/08/2020 to 24/01/2021)
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After this course you will:
  • be able to read excerpts from the Greek New Testament and related texts with limited use of aids such as lexica;
  • have an intermediate command of the vocabulary, morphology, and syntax of Koine Greek;
  • have a good grasp of the methodological considerations that go into determining the meaning and translation of early Christian texts in Greek.
In various parts of the world, the Bible plays a key role in discussions about (gay) marriage, LGBTQ+ identity, clerical celibacy, monogamy, divorce, etc. In this course we will hone our Greek skills by studying a select number of passages from the New Testament and related early Christian texts that discuss marriage, adultery and other issues related to sex and sexual ethics. Which Greek terms are used in these texts and how do they relate to modern concepts? Which methodological pitfalls must be avoided when determining the best interpretation and translation of the Greek words and phrases in question? 

By looking closely at a variety of texts from the canonical New Testament and from other early Christian documents, we will improve our reading ability in Greek, sharpen our understanding of Greek syntax and increase our command of Greek vocabulary.

Presumed foreknowledge
This course functions as a sequel to the Intro to Greek course taught in the BA program. Students who have not taken this course, but have successfully completed another introductory course in Koine or Classical Greek at the university (or upper-class high school) level are welcome to join. Please consult the instructor in case of doubt.
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OpportunitiesBlock SEM1, Block SEM2