European and Comparative Company Law
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Course moduleJUR-4EUCMCOM
Credits (ECTS)7
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Law; Ondernemingsrecht;
Contactperson for the course
W. van Baal-Hartog
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prof. mr. C.D.J. Bulten
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dr. mr. T. Salemink
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Academic year2022
MSEM1  (01/09/2022 to 29/01/2023)
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After completing the course European and Comparative Company Law, the student will have learned:
* about the basis and development of the European harmonization program in company law
* about the importance of the freedom of establishment and the free movement of capital in European company law
* how the restructuring of companies through mergers, divisions and transfers of seat is regulated in EU-law
* about requirements in EU-law for the formation of limited liability companies
* about capital protection requirements in EU-law and different instruments for financing the company
* to explain the phenomenon corporate governance and its importance in current developments in company law
* the importance of the structure and functioning of the board of directors for good corporate governance
* how the interests of shareholders as a class can be protected in company law
* about rights for shareholders and their importance for corporate governance
* about several supranational European business forms and the way they are regulated
* how the law pertaining to groups of companies is organized in the EU and other jurisdictions
* how takeovers are regulated in EU-law
* how corporate governance rules apply to financial institutions such as banks
* about securities regulation, specifically rules relating to disclosure of information to investors and market integrity
The course European and Comparative Company Law is taught in the master European Law, track Business Law.
The course offers an introduction to European and comparative company law. It covers the following subjects:
* Introduction to European and comparative company law
* Formation and financing the company
* Corporate restructuring and mobility
* European business forms
* Corporate governance: board models and shareholder rights
* Groups of companies
* Takeover regulation
* Bank governance
* Securities regulation: disclosure and market integrity
The course emphasizes study and analysis of primary and secondary EU-legislation, case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union and legislation of relevant jurisdictions.
Presumed foreknowledge
DUTCH AND FOREIGN STUDENTS: You must have successfully completed a Bachelor to be admitted to this course. Basic knowledge of company law is recommended to be able to participate in this course.
Test information
There will be a written or oral exam. The exam is closed-book. However, students may bring the course syllabus which contains relevant EU-legislation and cases.
With questions about the content of the course, please contact prof. dr. B.J. de Jong (bas.dejong@ru.nl).

Questions about organizational aspects can be addressed to the secretary, mrs. W. van Baal-Hartog, office room GR 01.005, phone: 024-(36)16 209, email: secretariaat-ondernemingsrecht@jur.ru.nl.

Remark: Language of instruction: English
Required materials
Syllabus that contains EU-legislation and case law (available at the 'Dictatencentrale'). Students may bring this syllabus to the exam
Learning Management System (Brigthspace)
For the exam, students need to study the mandatory reading material indicated on Brightspace.

Recommended materials
Nicola de Luca, European Company Law (2nd edn, Cambridge University Press 2021 ISBN 9781108843522

Instructional modes

Depending on the developments surrounding Covid-19, lectures may be (partly) offered in digital form this academic year.

There will be 11 plenary lectures. Attendance is not required, but strongly advised.

Type of instructional modeWeblecture

Test weight1
Test typeDigital exam with CIRRUS
OpportunitiesBlock MSEM1, Block MSEM1