European Employment Law
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Course moduleJUR-4EUEMPL
Credits (ECTS)7
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Law; Sociaal recht;
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A.A.J. Jansen
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prof. mr. F.G. Laagland
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prof. mr. F.G. Laagland
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prof. mr. F.G. Laagland
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D.M.T. Wolters
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Academic year2022
MSEM2  (30/01/2023 to 31/08/2023)
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The course aims at the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of European employment law. The course is intended to stimulate a critical reflection on European employment law and during class students will have to advise on questions based on complex and realistic cases. Besides this, the course offers the opportunity to improve legal reasoning skills by writing a paper about a legal subject, as well as to train oral skills by having discussions during class. After completion of the course, the student will have gained insight in the development and scope of European employment law and will be able to appreciate and discuss current topics in this field.
This course offers an in-depth insights into employment law and social policy of the European Union. Attention will be paid to the following subjects in particular:
  • Evolution of EU social policy law;
  • Workers' mobility within the EU and the law applicable to their labour contracts;
  • Non-discrimination law;
  • Employment aspects of restructuring of undertakings;
  • Information, consultation and workers' participation;
  • Free movement of workers and freedom to provide services;
  • Fundamental social rights in the EU, in particular the EU Charter.
Presumed foreknowledge
DUTCH STUDENTS: You must have successfully completed your Bachelor to be admitted to this course FOREIGN EXCHANGE LAW STUDENTS: good knowledge of EU law preferred WARNING: the Faculty of Law probably uses other registration deadlines than your own faculty. Registration should be done within the period of the Faculty of Law. For more information, see the website www.ru.nl/rechten/studenten.
Test information
Written exam: June 2023 (with reservation) (60% of final grade). Resit: July 2023. Next to the exam, students have to write a paper (40% of final grade) about a statement and present their findings. Both the exam and the paper have to completed with at least a sufficient.
Students need to complete a mandatory paper and are expected to attend and prepare at least 8 out of 10 lectures/seminars. Only when these requirements are met, students can participate in the exam.

Coordination: prof. mr. F.G. Laagland, email: femke.laagland@ru.nl
Secretary: Mrs. Annemarie Gerrits-Artz: 0031 24 3615488, email: annemarie.gerrits-artz@ru.nl

Required materials
Blackstones treaties and legislation 2022-2023, latest edition (please check the course information 2022-2023 on Brightspace).
Author:Nigel Foster
Teun Jaspers, Frans Pennings, Saskia Peters, European Labour Law, Intersentia Ltd. Latest edition (please check the course information 2022-2023 on Brightspace).
Literature which will be posted on Brightspace
Course guide
Study guide 2022-2023 on Brightspace
Case law: Reader 2022-2023, to order on rechten.ru-bestel.nl.

Instructional modes
Weblecture group
Type of instructional modeWeblecture

Working group
Attendance MandatoryYes

Subject to the developments surrounding Covid-19, the lectures and working groups will take place physically again this academic year. Keep an eye on the messages on Brightspace for the developments.

The course starts with two introductory lectures, giving insight in and overview of the history and main characteristics of EU employment law. After these lectures, the course continues with eight seminars (2 hours per week). In these seminars, students will be expected to prepare by way of answering case questions and to participate actively in discussions during the seminars.

Language of instruction: English
The homework has to be uploaded the day before each meeting. This is a requirement.

Test weight60
Test typeDigital exam with CIRRUS
OpportunitiesBlock MSEM2, Block MSEM2

Test weight40
Test typePaper
OpportunitiesBlock MSEM2, Block MSEM2