Master Thesis Tourism and Culture
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Course moduleLET-ACWME1010
Credits (ECTS)20
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Arts; Cultural Studies;
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prof. dr. B.Y.A. Adriaensen
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dr. A.M.G. Arnout
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dr. S.M. Bultman
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prof. dr. M.C.M. Corporaal
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dr. F. Van Dam
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Academic year2018
SCRIPTIE  (01/09/2018 to 30/08/2019)
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Your Master thesis represents the culmination of all the skills acquired during the Master programme. A student demonstrates that he is able to set up a line of argumentation based on the research traditions represented in the Master programme and appropriate for the programme's academic level. This includes:
  • the identification of a topic that is positioned within a scholarly debate and setting up of a research question appropriate to that topic;
  • the collecting of relevant source material and up to date secondary literature, as well as the ability to choose a suitable conceptual framework and methodological approach;
  • the creation of a scholarly line of reasoning, based on an appropriate methodology and interpretation;
  • a clear and orderly arranged presentation of  that line of reasoning, according to the conventions of scholarly work.
The Master’s specialisation Tourism and Culture will train you to become an academic expert in cultural tourism. In the Master’s thesis you will design and carry out an individual research project on a topic of your own choice in (cultural) tourism studies, under the close supervision of our expert staff leading to an original scientific contribution to this new and burgeoning academic field. In the second period (November-January) you will design your project in the context of a regular thesis seminar. In the third period (February/March) you will carry out a substantial part of the research. In the fourth period  (April-June) you will finalize your research and write your thesis. Your Master’s thesis may be written in English or Dutch, yet some supervisors also accept theses written in French or Spanish. You will present your thesis on a final conference seminar in June.
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Master Thesis
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