Designing Persuasive Texts
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Course moduleLET-CIWB267-IBC
Credits (ECTS)5
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Arts; Communication and Information Studies;
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dr. J. Baranova
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dr. M.J. van Doorn
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B. Lushaj, MA
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dr. A. Rafiee
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dr. A. Rafiee
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Academic year2021
PER 3-PER 4  (31/01/2022 to 30/08/2022)
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At the end of this course, students will be capable of: 
• identifying, interpreting, explaining and representing the key theories in the field of persuasive strategies and textual design;
• applying this knowledge comprehensively in their design of a persuasive text (a website);
• writing a detailed report that substantiates the application of the theory learned to the website;
• designing, carrying out and interpreting a preliminary research study, reporting on this according to the applicable standards and applying the theory learned to the website.

After completing BC State of the Art, students will:
• have acquired knowledge of and insight into current factors that influence the development of persuasive documents in organisations and the problems these factors may cause for effective organisational communication;
• be capable of relating these factors to the internal and external communication objectives pursued by organisations;
• understand how theoretical knowledge is applied in real-life situations, the associated problems and the potential solutions;
• have internalised the relevant terms and concepts of organisational experts and advisors and be capable of entering into a constructive dialogue as an equal partner.
This course covers theories and empirical research on how people process persuasive texts and how behaviour can be influenced by language, culture, texts and images. It also addresses how the choices involved in developing persuasive texts (e.g. health education brochures, advertisements, fundraising texts) affect the receiver's persuasion process. The practical application of the theories covered will be demonstrated throughout the course. As their final assignment, the students will develop a persuasive website as a group. The website design will be based on a preliminary research study carried out by students that contains elements of relevance to the persuasive process and that takes into account cultural differences. The website will be theoretically substantiated by a well-reasoned justification of the design choices. Students will pay explicit attention to the writing process for the purpose of the preliminary study, the website and the theoretical substantiation.

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Only accessible to students of the BA International Business Communication who have passed the language test RADAr: Academic Language Proficiency (LET-RADAR-EN).
Accessible to minor students from other faculties (Max. 25 students)

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One week before the start of the course, details on how to obtain the reader will be announced on Brightspace
Title:Persuasive Texts: Research and Design

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OpportunitiesBlock PER 3, Block PER 4

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