Bachelor's thesis
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Course moduleLET-CIWB351-IBC
Credits (ECTS)10
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Arts; Communication and Information Studies;
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dr. J. Baranova
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dr. S.N. Barasa
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dr. E.R. Felker
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M.M.J. den Hartog, MSc
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dr. I.H.E. Hendrickx
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Academic year2021
SCRSEM1  (04/09/2021 to 04/02/2022)
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Course open to students from other facultiesNo
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Placement procedure-
At the end of the course, students will be capable of:
•             Finding, understanding and using relevant literature with the aim of formulating and substantiating a research question;
•             Setting up a useful, feasible, valid and reliable research study to answer the research question;
•             Answering a research question by analysing and interpreting the data obtained;
•             Linking the research results to the existing literature and the professional field;
•             Reporting on these results in the form of an academic paper.
In this course, you will research the characteristics of intercultural communication or the effects of intercultural communication on the attitudes, intentions or behaviours of your target group. Examples of research topics include the effect of non-native accentedness on listeners, the use of foreign languages in marketing as a tool to attract customers, cultural standardisation or adaptation of communication or language choice in corporate narratives. Whichever topic you choose, the research question must be inspired by a debate in recent scientific literature, the study must be designed and implemented in a methodical way, and the results must be presented in an article intended for publication in a scientific journal. Depending on the question, the research may be quantitative (corpus analysis/experiment) or qualitative (interviews/observations) in nature. You will complete all steps in the research process together with your fellow students (from reading relevant literature to reporting on your results in a scientifically sound manner).
There are two intake moments for the bachelor's thesis: at the start of period 1 and at the start of period 3. You need to register for a theme before the start of the semester in which you want to do the Bachelor's thesis (in August or January). The maximum number of students who can register for a specific theme is five. You must register via Osiris and via the theme choice form (online via Brightspace).


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Bachelor students IBC should have obtained:
• The course Statistics;

Premaster students IBC should have obtained:
• The course Statistics and the course Academic Writing.

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Bachelor's thesis
Attendance MandatoryYes

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Test typeProject
OpportunitiesBlock SCRSEM1, Block SCRSEM1

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Test typeProject
OpportunitiesBlock SCRSEM1, Block SCRSEM2

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