Master IBC Communication & Consultancy
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Course moduleLET-CIWM437
Credits (ECTS)10
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Arts; Communication and Information Studies;
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L.A.E. van den Heuvel
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drs. M.T. Lagarrigue
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drs. M.T. Lagarrigue
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drs. M.T. Lagarrigue
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drs. M.T. Lagarrigue
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Academic year2021
PER 2  (08/11/2021 to 30/01/2022)
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Placement procedure-
  • Students are able to reflect on their own and other people‚Äôs communication skills in an organizational context and to apply intervention techniques to optimize communication;
  • Students are able to function optimally in an organizational context in a functional role that utilizes their background as academically formed professionals, specialized in communication and information studies;
  • Students are able to offer well-founded advice with regard to communication processes and products in an organizational context, and to translate research findings into relevant and directly applicable recommendations (in the form of a recommendation report).
This course combines an individual internship in an organizational context (192 hours) with communication consultancy work, supported by communication training. 

Students are encouraged to find their own internship organization for this assignment, particularly if they have specific needs and wishes with respect to the company, the learning objectives, the profession, and/or travel distance. Career Service Arts will support students in their search for interesting and suitable internship organizations.
The assignment for this course and for the corresponding internship organization must meet the following specific criteria:
  • the assignment must be carried out at the relevant organization on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays in period 2. Depending on the student's timetable, and in consultation with his or her company supervisor, the student can also schedule (extra) days or half-days on Thursdays and/or Fridays;
  • the internship organization where the student plans to carry out the course assignment must offer collaboration opportunities in terms of internal and/or external communication AND practical research at the academic level within the relevant field and within the timeframe of the project. At the end of the period, the student will submit a recommendation report;
  • the internship organization must provide a workplace and access to the relevant consultation options, accounts, and files necessary for working and carrying out research;
  • the organization must appoint a supervisor responsible for explaining the nature of the organization, facilitating the student's research, and offering advice as necessary;
  • the internship organization must have more than one employee and may not run by one of the student's relatives or close friends.

General overview
  • Working in an organization (in the field of communication, 8 weeks x 24 hours = 192 hours);
  • Writing a recommendation report;
  • Formulating recommendations for the organization: as an academically trained professional in the field of communication and information studies, where do you see possibilities within the organization for improving or optimizing communication processes and/or communication products? Formulate concise and concrete recommendations that are directly applicable and relevant to the organization, in writing as well as in an oral presentation for the organization.
Seven seminars, each lasting three hours. The training sessions will focus topics such as:
  • Advisory skills in an organizational context
  • Observing and reflecting on communication processes in the internship organization
  • Writing the recommendation report
  • Communication and leadership styles
  • Self-presentation and self-reflection

Presumed foreknowledge

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Assumed previous knowledge
Prerequisites for participation in the MA-program International Business Communication.

Required materials
Title:Adviseren met perspectief. Rapporten en presentaties maken. (For non-Dutch speaking students, an English summary of this book is available on Brightspace)
Author:Cornelis, L.
Publisher:Bussum: Uitgeverij Coutinho (2015)

Instructional modes
Attendance MandatoryYes

Working group
Attendance MandatoryYes

Assessment of internship by organisation
Test weight30
Test typeProject
OpportunitiesBlock PER 2

Minimum grade

Advisory report
Test weight50
Test typeProject
OpportunitiesBlock PER 2, Block PER 3

Minimum grade

Assignment 1
Test weight10
Test typeProject
OpportunitiesBlock PER 2, Block PER 3

Minimum grade

Assignment 2
Test weight10
Test typeProject
OpportunitiesBlock PER 2, Block PER 3

Minimum grade