Internship Master Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds
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Credits (ECTS)10
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Arts; History;
dr. M.J. Groen-Vallinga
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dr. M.J. Groen-Vallinga
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dr. M.J. Groen-Vallinga
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dr. E.E.J. Manders
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dr. B. Roest
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Academic year2022
JAAR  (05/09/2022 to 03/09/2023)
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Placement procedure-
By the end of the internship
  • you are capable of putting into practice your knowledge, insights, and research skills - as gained up to that time in the master's programme - for the benefit of the organization or company which offered the internship;
  • you are able to organise your own task(s) at the internship and carry out those task(s) jointly with other people. Furthermore, with guidance of your supervisor you can improve your contribution to the organization or company throughout the internship;
  • you have gained insights into your own competence in relation to possible areas of employments.
An internship in the Master's programme in History offers the opportunity to practice and expand the acquired knowledge, insights and skills. In addition it will result in an insight into your own qualities and in the demands of a relevant professional field.
For students of the MA programme Eternal Rome the Internship is an optional part of the programme.
An internship has several requirements and will be determined in consultation with the coordinator of the Eternal Rome programme. An internship should have a clear link with the contents and the academic level of the Eternal Rome programme. Furthermore, it should always have a research component. In other words, if students obtain an internship at a museum, non-profit organisations or institutes, then organisational, editorial or public relations activities should only be seen as complementary to the research component.
Students hand in a plan for their internship for review by the exam committee which needs to give its approval. For the whole procedure of setting up a plan, finding an internship and supervisor, students are advised to contact the coordinator of the Eternal Rome programme.

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Internship Master

Portfolio Internship
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