Master's Thesis Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds
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Course moduleLET-GESM4300
Credits (ECTS)20
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Arts; History;
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prof. dr. M.L.M. van Berkel
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dr. S. Boodts
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K.H. Bosch, MA
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dr. P. Delcorno
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C.R.C.M. van den Eijnden
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Academic year2019
PER 2-PER 3  (04/11/2019 to 10/04/2020)
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At the end of the course, you are able to:
  • Demonstrate that you are able to set up a line of argumentation based on historical research and appropriate for the academic level of a Master's programme;
  • Identify a topic that is positioned within a scholarly debate and to set up a research question appropriate to that topic;
  • Collect relevant source material and up to date secondary literature, as well as the ability to choose a suitable methodological approach;
  • Create a scholarly line of reasoning, based on an appropriate methodology and interpretation;
  • Create a clear and orderly arranged presentation of  that line of reasoning, according to the conventions of scholarly work. 
The requirements of the Master's thesis derive from the objectives of the Master of History: the acquisition of a professional scientific knowledge of history, with a view to a carrier in society based on historical expertise and an advanced ability to perform historical research.
The thesis is the final stage of the master's programme in History. The general standard for a Master's thesis is that you show to be capable of an interpretation of a scientific debate in the historical discipline. This means that a you know how to fit the chosen subject into the current knowledge and debate in the field. The thesis shows that you are capable of designing and executing a historical argument. In addition to his command of general scientific skills, you show to have insight into the specific nature of the (specialization in the) historical discipline. The thesis is based on sources and modern literature.
Standards for the master thesis:
  • A body text of ca. 15.000 words, (excluding title page, table of contents, footnotes, bibliography and not self-produced attachments), on the basis of at least 2500 pages sources and literature (books and magazine articles), spread over at least 10 titles.
  • The master thesis includes an introduction with a clear formulation of the problem area related to the state of the scientific debate and an account of the used methods and concepts; this is followed by a logical and orderly argument  leading from key problem to conclusions. Language and presentation are correct and in academic style. Annotation and bibliography are in accordance with the rules of Writing History!
  • Assessment of the thesis depends on the general requirements above, and on the quality of the problem statement, the analysis and interpretation methods, the argument, and the degree of autonomy in the execution of the research shown by the student. 

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Required materials
J. Kamp et al., Writing History! A Companion for Historians (Amsterdam; Amsterdam UP, 2018).

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Master's Thesis

Semester 1 uitsluitend voor recidivisten.
Periode 2 start regulier traject.

Semester 1 uitsluitend voor recidivisten.
Periode 2 start regulier traject.

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