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Course moduleLET-HLCS-ERA
Credits (ECTS)5
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Arts; Graduate School;
dr. R.H. van den Beuken
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prof. dr. M.E. Monteiro
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prof. dr. M.E. Monteiro
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prof. dr. M.E. Monteiro
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prof. dr. M.E. Monteiro
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Academic year2022
JAAR  (05/09/2022 to 03/09/2023)
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During the second year of the research master, students are expected to write and (try to) publish an academic article. The research article aims to familiarize students with the process of writing, submitting, and publishing an article in a scholarly journal. When applying for PhD, post-doc, and higher, permanent positions in academia, publications represent one major criteria by which candidates are evaluated and selected. It is therefore advised that students treat this course module as an excercise in publishing literature suitable for an academic audience, as well as possible first step into the academic professional world.

The student is able to write an article according to the standards of a scholarly journal / specialist journal and is able to:
  • submit an article of  (max.) 5,000 words in length
  • preferably in English
  • be up to the standards of submission to a scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal
  • comply to the conventions of the selected journal (style sheet)
  • Adjust the scope and depth of the article to the readership of the journal
  • Offer a well-structured academic argument
  • Use the state of the art literature to frame his contribution to the field
The research article is intended to function as part of the four compulsory components of the program’s second year: (1) research article, (2) research proposal, (3) internship/ research training, and (4) master thesis. Each of these four components may be treated entirely separately from one another, but students are encouraged to approach these four assignments as inter-related assignments. Students are also allowed to make two combinations of two items or one combination of three items. The sequence of the four items is entirely up to students (and the thesis supervisor). For instance, students may combine the article and thesis, and write the article first, as a preliminary exploration of these thesis research results.

The tutor supervises the research article.


Presumed foreknowledge
Theoretical Turns in the Humanities, Methods and Techniques in the Humanities en Contemporary Debates in the Humanities
HS:International Historical Research, Sources for Historical Research
AVC: Art in its Historical Context, The Body in Art and Visual Culture
LS:Regionalism and Beyond, International Literary Research
Test information
For this course, there are periods of submission:
September 1 - December 1
February 1 - June 1
Beyond these periods of submissions, submitted articles will not be taken into consideration for grading.

The research article will be reviewed and graded by your tutor or thesis supervisor (first reviewer) and the course coordinator (second reviewer).
On the Student Space of this Research Masters, students can consult the assessment forms used for grading.

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OpportunitiesBlock JAAR, Block JAAR

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