Preparing the Master's Thesis
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dr. N.F. Alkhalili
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dr. I.V. Barba Lata
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dr. P.J. Beckers
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dr. E.C. van Eck
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prof. dr. H. Ernste
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1-2  (04-09-2023 t/m 28-01-2024)
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After completing the course Preparing the Master's Thesis the student is able to:
  • Formulate a well-founded and theoretically significant research problem for his/her Master's thesis research on the basis of relevant literature;
  • Recognise and describe components of research design including problem definition, theory, literature review, methodology, analysis and presentation of results;
  • Review current theory and literature to solve a relevant self-defined problem statement and report that in accordance with academic standards;
  • Write a full proposal for his/her Master's thesis, in accordance with academic standards.
Preparing the Master Thesis course enables you to start reflecting on your research topic, the internship provider and the design of your final Master's thesis. You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for the successful design of your research project and the completion of your Master's thesis. In particular:
  • You will become acquainted with current debates in human geography and you will be able to position your own research in these debates;
  • You will be equipped with the tools to critically reflect on your conceptual framework, methodologies and methods for data collection;
  • After the course you will know how to assess the presentation of research results according to academic standards;
  • After the course you will have started with the elaboration of your research design and your research proposal.
The course takes place in Block 1 and Block 2 (until the end of the calendar year holidays). In the first week there will be a celebrational opening lecture, and if possible some get-to-know-each-other activities.

In the framework of this course, you will develop your research proposal for your Master Thesis Research, determine research problem, formulate research questions, review the literature on your topic, explore the theoretical framework, set up your research design and method of analysis, search for a suitable research-internship organisation, do the fine-tuning of your research questions in dialogue with your research-internship organisation, practically organise your fieldwork, and take (elective) courses to enhance your knowledge and skills for your master thesis research. You will do all this in close cooperation with, and under the supervision of your Master Thesis Supervisor, who is your main tutor in this course. The supervisor also does the assessment of the final research proposal.

Depending on your background and your topic of research, the supervisor may advise you to follow certain online lectures or to perform certain activities available in the framework of this course to refresh or renew your knowledge and skills of certain elements you might need for your Master Thesis Research or for writing your research proposal. Therefore, this is not a regular course as such and rather custom-made to support you in developing your Master Thesis Research project.

Meetings with your Master Thesis Supervisor will be organised by the Master Thesis Supervisor. If the Master Thesis Supervisor supervises more students with more or less similar topics, these meetings may be organised as group meetings in which peer-reviewing may also take place, so students can learn from each other. In addition, students are recommended to take the initiative for setting up extra meetings with their Supervisor if this is felt necessary. Beyond the opening there are no plenary meetings foreseen for this course, so it is really down to you and your Thesis Supervisor to set up regular meetings.

To help you get off with a flying start, you will start working on your research proposal from the very beginning of the master programme. Thus it is helpful if you already consider your thematic interests and research topic, possible elective courses to follow, and possible research internship organisations before the programme starts.

It only makes sense to take this course as an optional course for Erasmus or other exchange students if they are enrolled in the full Human Geography Master's programme, as its premise is to prepare you for your master thesis.

If you plan to take the full one-year Master's programme as part of your two-term international exchange visit, and if you want to earn full credits and qualify for the corresponding Master's degree at a later stage, then you should contact the Study Advisor (Mirjam Schambach). Make sure you do this in advance so the necessary formal arrangements can be made!
Research proposal
This is what in the Anglo-Saxon world is called a 'non-taught' course, as there are no plenary lecture meetings, but the whole course is conducted in the form of individual or groupwise tutoring by the Master Thesis Supervisor.
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advanced elective modules, individual and group assignment and individual supervision

Research Proposal
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Participation in thesis preparation sessions
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