Strategic Alliance and Network Management
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Course moduleMAN-MST017
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryMA (Master)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Nijmegen School of Management; Master Business Administration;
dr. ir. G.W. Ziggers
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dr. ir. G.W. Ziggers
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dr. ir. G.W. Ziggers
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dr. ir. G.W. Ziggers
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Academic year2022
3  (30/01/2023 to 09/04/2023)
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After completing the course successfully, students will be able to:

  • analyse the nature of competition and cooperation among firms;
  • use various theoretical perspectives in the analysis and evaluation of alliance designs and processes in a competitive environment;
  • distinguish various functions, forms of strategic alliances, supply networks and relate these to the corporate strategy;
  • distinguish different phases of in the process of alliance management and its alignment to the firm's strategic objectives
  • present and discuss in interactive student seminars the practices and process of alliance management from a cooperative and a competitive strategy perspective;
  • apply theory and concepts (literature, lectures) critically to cases (including a guest lecture) and when describing and analysing the practice of strategic cooperation and alliance management.

Alliances and networks are becoming an increasingly important means for organizations to create value and to capture value. However this creates a paradox. On the one hand organisations are dependent on other organisations to create value and at the same time they compete with those same organisations for value capture. This balancing act and how it may be managed is the central theme of this course: Strategic alliance and network management.

The study of this balancing act of organizations between competition and cooperation provides insight into a fundamental aspect of organization's strategic behaviour regarding the management of their relationships, for example the strategies to deploy in the platform economy. Furthermore, this seminar and its activities may inspire you to pursue an interesting line of work in business, consultancy and/or research.



Presumed foreknowledge
Bachelor's degree in Management.

Please note: non-Business Administration students can register for this course from the 9th of January 2022 until the 16th of January 2022. 
Test information
Assignments + peer evaluation + written exam (essay). Partial grades do NOT remain valid next year.

Ma 1

Required materials
Competition & Cooperation. (Full-text articles; references will be presented on Brightspace)
Title:Cooperative strategy: Managing alliances and networks.
Author:Child, J., Faulkner, D., Tallman, S., & Hsieh, L. (2019).
Publisher:Oxford University Press.

Instructional modes
Attendance MandatoryYes
Type of instructional modeCourse

The lectures focus mainly on a process perspective in which (potential) alliance partners co-create the different steps in an alliance process. This process perspective provides a more practical view on alliance management using cases and guest lectures than the analytical level view discussed in the seminar using the book on Cooperative Strategy and articles having a more competitive focus.
Student Group (attandence required):
Each student group will
- present one of the topics related to a book chapter or article and a corresponding case in one seminar
- prepare and hand-in a substantiated discussion statement using an critical article or book chapter for the topics discussed in the other seminars
Seminar (attandence required)
In each seminar, two topics will be presented by the student groups presenting and discussed by the other student groups
Workshop (attandence required)

Essay Exam
Test weight60
Test typeWritten exam
OpportunitiesBlock 3, Block 4

Constituted grade

Team grade
Test weight40
Test typeProject
OpportunitiesBlock 3, Block 4

Constituted grade