Biomarkers in population-based research
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Course moduleMED-BMS47
Credits (ECTS)3
CategoryMA (Master)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Medical Sciences; Biomedische wetenschappen;
dr. ir. A. Vrieling
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dr. ir. A. Vrieling
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dr. ir. A. Vrieling
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Academic year2018
1  (03/09/2018 to 25/08/2019)
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RemarksPeriod 1b, Thursday and Friday
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Pre-registration openfrom 01/04/2018 up to and including 06/08/2018
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The main objectives of this module are:
  1. The student is able to identify suitable biomarkers in the range from exposure to disease to study health-related research questions
  2. The student is able to collect, handle and store biological samples to measure biomarkers in a valid and efficient manner, including privacy aspects and ethical issues
  3. The student is able to select the most optimal method of biological sample collection to measure biomarkers
  4. The student knows the theoretical and practical aspects of biological sample storage, processing and coding and is able to include these aspects in the design of a study
  5. The student is able to take into account validity, reproducibility, feasibility, and efficiency to measure biomarkers in biological samples for health-related research questions
  6. The student understands typical statistical approaches for data analysis in biomarker research
  7. The student is familiar with various laboratory techniques in biomarker research
The module 

This course focuses on the collection and handling of biological samples in humans and the use and value of biomarkers in population-based studies. The main objective of this module is to gain a clear understanding in methods of sample collection for the use of biomarkers in health-related research questions, taking into account validity, reproducibility, feasibility, and efficiency. Students will also gain practical experience by designing the pre-analytical phase of and collecting biological samples for a population-based study. This module prepares the student for future use of biomarkers in population-based studies as part of his or her internships and future career in biomedical research.

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Period 1b, Thursday and Friday

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