Advanced Molecular Biology
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Course moduleNWI-BB017C
Credits (ECTS)6
Category02 (Introductory with prior knowledge)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Science; BioWetenschappen;
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dr. R.C. Bartfai
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dr. R.C. Bartfai
Other course modules lecturer
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dr. R.C. Bartfai
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dr. R.C. Bartfai
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dr. C. Logie
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Academic year2020
KW4  (05/04/2021 to 31/08/2021)
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Placement procedure-
At the end of the course, you can:
  • describe how fundamental molecular processes contribute to the functioning of eukaryotic cells.  (Detailed mechanism of DNA replication, repair, recombination, RNA-synthesis, transcriptional regulation, RNA processing and cell cycle regulation are discussed during the course
  • explain how malfunctioning of the above mentioned mechanisms can contribute to disease and in particular cancer development
  • interpret simple experiments aiming to study the above mentioned processes
  • pinpoint, critically evaluate and present key experiments from recent scientific articles related to the course content
Here, the themes introduced in the first year molecular biology courses for Molecular Sciences and Biology are prolonged and taught in more depth. Focus lies on molecular mechanisms and the molecular means of information flow in eukaryotes, from and to the cell's nucleus. Knowledge acquired in lectures is actively applied in the course by means of tutorials. Furthermore, academic skills such as efficient knowledge acquisition from the primary literature as well as from review articles along with logic and scientific communication are stimulated in the course by preparing and presenting a journal club on a recent Science or Nature paper.

Instructional Modes
  • Lecture
  • Presentation
  • Response course
  • Self-study

Presumed foreknowledge
Students cluster Molecular Sciences: Biomolecules, Biochemical Processes, DNA-technology.Students (medical) Biology: Molecular Biology and Recombinant DNA.
Test information
  • exam, counts for 80%, minimum grade 5.5
  • compulsory participation in journal club, counts for 20%, minimum grade 5.5
  • Specifics
  • This course is given in English.
  • An adequate assessment of the obligatory oral presentation in the Journal Club is a required part of the course, in addition to the written exam. In order to participate in the Journal Club students have to enroll themselves via Brightspace; if it is not possible for you to use Brightspace, please send a mail to R. Bartfai.
  • The textbook Lodish (8th edition) should be in your possession at the start of the course. If you already have the 7th edition it is not necessary to buy the latest version.
  • Required materials
    Lodish et al., Molecular Cell Biology, 8th edition (Publisher: Freeman and company, New York, 2016)
    Learning Management System (Brigthspace)
    Handouts and additonal information distributed via Brightspace

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    Course occurrence

    Attendance MandatoryYes

    Digital Exam
    Test weight4
    Test typeDigital exam with CIRRUS
    OpportunitiesBlock KW4, Block KW4

    Journal club
    Test weight1
    Test typeProject
    OpportunitiesBlock KW4