Biology Essay
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Course moduleNWI-BB099
Credits (ECTS)3
Category01 (Introduction)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Science; BioWetenschappen;
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dr. R.C. Bartfai
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prof. dr. F.P. Battaglia
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prof. dr. H.J.M. op den Camp
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dr. B. Englitz
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dr. L.K.E. Genzel
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Academic year2021
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In this course, the student will acquire the academic skills necessary to independently write a clear, logically structured and analytical scientific essay on a biological subject.

Additional learning outcomes include:
- interpret scientific literature
- critically evaluate scientific articles
- derive and formulate a central question
- structure text based on argumentation
- process and/or refute feedback

In this course you will individually write an academic essay on a biological topic of your choice. In lectures, computer labs and workshops you will train academic skills required to independently read and interpret scientific articles on the basis of which you will write your essay. An efficient, accurate and critical use of (scientific) information is extremely important for a successful career in research. You will be supervised by a lecturer following a plans and deadlines, and by clearly defined quality standards for your essay.


Presumed foreknowledge
A broad knowledge of biology, as taught during the first year and a half of your degree programme, is necessary to write your essay. You must be able to integrate the knowledge acquired during the different courses with specific knowledge that you will gain in your literature study. From all students it is expected to be aware of the standards of integrity in all aspects, and to adhere to those.
Test information
The final grade is based on the written essay, for which predefined criteria will be communicated to the student. The student must register for the administrative examination.
You will be supervised by a staff member, who will also act as your portfolio supervisor and second reader for the bachelor internship report.
Required materials
Handouts will be provided during the course.

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