Working with Radionuclides Level 5B
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Course moduleNWI-BM007C
Credits (ECTS)2
CategoryMA (Master)
Language of instructionDutch, English
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Science; BioWetenschappen;
drs. G.C.M. Claessen
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drs. G.C.M. Claessen
Other course modules lecturer
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drs. G.C.M. Claessen
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2017
KW2  (13/11/2017 to 04/02/2018)
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KW2/  KW3/  KW4
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The intended purpose of the course "Radiation expertise level 5B" is to impart to the student such competence and skills in the field of radiation protection that he/she, after having successfully completed the instruction course, has gained an adequate level of expertise to enable him/her to independently apply radioactive substances. This course is requested by legislation for all students and workers who will work with radioactive substances without direct supervision. This applies mainly to students in their masters study, but in some cases also to students in their bachelor study.

This one week course contains lectures and laboratory exercises dealing with most aspects of radiation safety, radiation protection or health physics, whichever term you prefer to use. Participants spend approximately 20% of their time performing laboratory exercises using radiation detection equipment. These laboratory exercises complement the health physics principles covered in lectures. Topics include: Radiation Physics, Radiation Detection and Measurement Techniques, Radiation Dosimetry, Radiation Biology, Assay Techniques, Shielding, Legislation and Health Physics Principles. The diploma examination is in multiple choice format. The diploma is valid in the Netherlands.

The course is not only open to students, part of the members are from hospitals and companies.

This five day course is necessary for working in a radionuclide laboratory.
The course will be given on Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:00.
The course will be given several times a year, also in English (please fill in your preferences).

More information: 
Please register ONLY via Osiris, NOT via de pao-heyendael website!
The reader (available in both English and Dutch) will be sent to each student who applies for the course.
The book should be bought by the participants:
Practische Stralingshygiëne, G. Brouwer en J. van den Eijnde (ISBN 9789077423097) or the English version:
Practical Radiation Protection, by the same authors, (ISBN 9077423036)

Teaching formats

• 5 hours lecture
• 6 hours laboratory course
• 1 hours question session
• 9 hours problem session
• 35 hours individual study period

Additional comments
Attention: please register via Osiris For questions please contact:drs. Goof Claessen, Goof.claessen@radboudumc.nlT 024 3617050Projectmanager PAO Heyendael

• radiation physics
• radiation risk and effects
• practical radiation safety
• legislation

Test information
There will be a written exam. Given sufficient result the student will receive a certificate which is valid in The Netherlands and allowes the student to work autonomously with radioactive materials.

Required materials
Practical Radiation Protection, by the same authors, (ISBN 9077423036)
The reader (available in both English and Dutch) will be sent to each student who applies for the course.

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