Master Portfolio Biosciences
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Course moduleNWI-BM054B
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CategoryMA (Master)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Science; BioWetenschappen;
G.G. Middelbeek
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G.G. Middelbeek
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G.G. Middelbeek
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A.J.A. de Rond
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Academic year2020
JAAR  (31/08/2020 to 31/08/2021)
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After completion of this course:
  • You are capable of reflecting on your academic development at Masters level
  • You are capable of making and defending well supported decisions about your future career, taking your own abilities and desires into account
This course is compulsory for all students in the master programs Biology and Medical Biology. There are two assignments that both focus on career orientation that are both completed in the first year of the Master. The first assignment is embedded in the introductory courses. An overview of obligatory content of the portfolio by the end of the master program can be found on the Brightspace page of this course for which you have to enrol at the start of the year.
The portfolio assignments can be divided into two groups:

Assignment during the introductory courses. 
This assignment is embedded within the introductory courses Orientation in Biology and Environmental Sciences (NWI-BM036A) and Trends in Stem Cell Biology (NWI-BM073B). This assignment leads to the creation of a CV and motivation letter for a possible internship position. Based on the CV's and motivation letters, students can be adviced to make an appointment with Career Service Science (CSS).
Assignment at the end of the first year.
During the first year, students are encouraged to indulge in activities concerning career orientation (at least one activity per quarter). At the end of the first year students have to reflect on these activities, as well as on their internship and ambitions, in order to gain a better idea of their wishes towards a future career. 

Further instructions and the assignments can be found on the Brightspace page of the master portfolio biosciences. If you do not have access to this page or if you have any questions, please contact portfolio.biosciences@ru.nl

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Completion of this course is compulsory for all master students who are enrolled in a master's programme Biology or Medical Biology in or after academic year 2013-2014. This course will not be graded, but a ‘pass’ will be registered in OSIRIS after completion

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Master (Medical) Biology Portfolio
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