Writing About Science
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Course moduleNWI-FCEM02B
Credits (ECTS)3
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Language of instructionDutch, English
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Science; Facultair Algemeen;
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A.M. Broersma, MA
Other course modules lecturer
dr. S. van Pelt
Other course modules lecturer
dr. S. van Pelt
Other course modules lecturer
Contactperson for the course
dr. S. van Pelt
Other course modules lecturer
dr. S. van Pelt
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2022
KW1  (05/09/2022 to 06/11/2022)
Starting block
KW1/  KW2/  KW3/  KW4
Course mode
RemarksActive participation is required for this course.
Registration using OSIRISYes
Course open to students from other facultiesNo
Waiting listYes
Placement procedure-
  • The student can distinguish between different audiences, and is able to connect form and content to the selected audience.
  • The student can convey complex information in an accessible and concise manner.
  • The student can write in an attractive style that matches the target group, genre and medium.
  • The student can structure information in well-arranged texts.
  • The student uses correct English and is able to improve this independently.
  • The student can assess information sources for suitability, and refer to them in texts in an appropriate way.
  • The student can identify points for improvement in own texts and in the texts of others, and can translate these points into concrete improvements and useful feedback.
The aim of the course is to learn to write clear, concise and attractive about science for an audience of non-colleagues. This course is therefore not about academic writing for your own colleagues. You learn how to reach and motivate an audience, with no scientific background in your own field.

Language selection
The course Writing about Science is offered in Dutch and English. We advise (Dutch-speaking) students to follow the course in their mother tongue.

Teaching method
The course consists of a series of tutorials, in which students actively work to learn writing skills. (Inter) action and mutual feedback play a major role.

Registration for tutorials
  • Every quarter there are 6 different tutorial groups. The tutorials are offered at the same time in English and Dutch. 
  • You can choose the tutorials based on preference for time, language, or teacher.
  • If the relevant tutorial is full, registration is no longer possible. You can then choose a different seminar in the same quarter, or a following quarter.
  • Pay attention! As a student, you have 1 participation spot per academic year (with the exception of students who fail the course). No-shows can only follow the course again next academic year.
  • This course is not available for exchange students.
Registration quarter 2
In quarter 2, all course places are reserved for biology students. Students from other disciplines cannot follow the course.

A large part of the learning outcome is in the tutorials. That is why attendance and active participation are mandatory at the seminars. If you miss one or more seminars, exclusion from the course can follow.

Instructional Modes

Presumed foreknowledge

Test information
The final grade is made up from the grade for the partial assignment and the grade for the final article. Active participation in the tutorials is a prerequisite to complete the course.
E-mail adres van de cursusco√∂rdinator: stan.vanpelt@science.ru.nl of h.wolkers@science.ru.nl
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Attendance MandatoryYes

Final Assignment
Test weight1
Test typeAssignment
OpportunitiesBlock KW1, Block KW2