Research Seminar Data Science
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Course moduleNWI-IMC044
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryMA (Master)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Science; Informatica en Informatiekunde;
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dr. ir. T. Claassen
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prof. dr. T.M. Heskes
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prof. dr. ir. D. Hiemstra
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prof. dr. ir. D. Hiemstra
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prof. dr. ir. D. Hiemstra
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Academic year2020
KW3-KW4  (25/01/2021 to 31/08/2021)
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Placement procedure-
  • Learn how to evaluate research papers
  • Learn what makes papers good
  • Learn about how papers are refereed and published
  • Obtain a broad overview of important recent developments in data science research with a focus on machine learning and information retrieval
The Research Seminar Data Science is intended to provide students with the opportunity to develop the skill of critically reading and evaluating research papers in the broad area of ​​data science. The course is a required component of the Data Science specialization. Attendance is compulsory. Every student in the class will present and / or review two papers. The paper to be presented is a recent paper published in a top data science conference or journal. The paper to review has been submitted to some top conference and may have major impact in the future.

Instructional Modes
  • Lecture
  • Presentation
  • Self-study

Presumed foreknowledge
Bachelor in computer science, artificial intelligence, or a related discipline. Preferably you have already taken a couple of courses in the Data Science specialisation.
Test information
There are three assessed components, of weight 20%, 40%, and 40%, respectively. 1) The collected set of your short summaries of the papers presented by others (i.e., excluding the papers you present yourself). Half to one page each. 2) Your review and presentation of a recent paper, based on your presentation and the discussion which followed. 3) Your review of a paper recently submitted to international data science conferences. Reports for 2) and 3) are max 5 pages each.
If possible, we will try to attend actual talks by renowned data scientists and then replace one of the short reviews on the papers presented by your fellow students by a review on such a talk.
Required materials
A collection of papers on how to write, present and review papers in computer science will be made available during the course.

Instructional modes
Attendance MandatoryYes

You present and guide the discussion on two papers on which you write a longer review. You further write short summaries on the papers presented by others.

Attendance MandatoryYes

Final grade
Test weight10
Test typeExam
OpportunitiesBlock KW4, Block KW4