Research Internship
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Course moduleNWI-IMC047
Credits (ECTS)15
CategoryMA (Master)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Science; Informatica en Informatiekunde;
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dr. M.G.C. Acar
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dr. P.M. Achten
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dr. J.M.I.M. Achterbergh
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dr. G. Alpár
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dr. ing. P.J.M. van Aubel
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Academic year2023
JAAR  (04/09/2023 to 31/08/2024)
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RemarksSee https://www.cs.ru.nl/internship/ for further information.
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Placement procedure-
Upon completion of the internship, the student will be able to
  • take part in scientific research in the specific area of the students’ master’s specialization: get aquainted with the subject and state of the art, apply appropriate methods, discuss, contribute to research results, relate the activities to current developments in the field;
  • present their activities and research outcomes of the internship;
  • reflect on the development of their research skills and the role of research in their future career.
This internship is part of your training as scientific researcher: in the Research Seminar you have studied scientific literature, in this Research Internship you participate in a research project in one of our scientific groups, and in the Master Thesis you will carry out your own research project.
You will have to make the arrangements for your internship yourself. This includes finding a suitable research group and/or project, so this is best done in advance. Normally, you will carry out your research within one of the ICIS groups involved in your master’s specialization. It is also possible, however, to arrange an ‘external internship’ and participate in research at another institute, in industry, or even abroad. In any case, your choice of location and research project needs to be approved by the (assistant/associate) professor or the lecturer who will be your supervisor. The primary point of contact for the research internship (besides whoever acts as supervisor of your research internship project) is the coordinator of your master’s specialization.

See Brightspace for further information.

Instructional Modes

Presumed foreknowledge
You should have successfully completed the core courses of the master’s specialization. In the research plan you will have to show that the courses in your master's program that you have taken so far give sufficient background for the chosen internship.
Test information
The research internship is not graded but only marked as pass/fail. This is done because 1) the range of research internships is very broad, especially among students who choose to do their research internship with an external organisation, and 2)  the research internship is meant as an exercise before tackling the master's thesis, so that students can still make mistakes and learn from these mistakes before they embark on their master's thesis.
See Brightspace for further information, incl. info on potential projects.
Instructional modes

See https://www.cs.ru.nl/internship/ for further information.


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