Man and Nature: Present, Past and Future
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Course moduleNWI-MB023C
Credits (ECTS)6
Category01 (Introduction)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Science; BioWetenschappen;
dr. H.J.R. Lenders
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dr. H.J.R. Lenders
Other course modules lecturer
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dr. H.J.R. Lenders
Other course modules lecturer
dr. H.J.R. Lenders
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2021
KW3  (31/01/2022 to 10/04/2022)
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The student is able to critically reflect on nature conservation issues and to contribute to the development of conservation plans from the viewpoint of different visions on nature and nature management, while taking into account societal interests, and from a firm basis of relevant knowledge and concepts from biology, geography, archaeology and history.
The course consists of a series of (interactive) lectures, mini seminars, tutorials and self study assignments. In addition, the course includes a group assignment and a group project. In the lectures, seminars and self study assigments, the theoretical background of the relationship of humans and nature in the present, past and future will be discussed. Special attention will be given to palaeoreferences and in particular to the methodological aspects of research into palaeoreferences as well as to the content of the historical relationship between humans and nature. During the tutorials any uncertainties may be raised and any questions asked. The course concludes with a group project where the theory has to be translated into a concrete situation. During the project, you work in a fixed group on a vision for reconstruction of the Ooijpolder, located in the Dutch river area.

Instructional Modes
  • Lectures
  • Presentations
  • Question and Asnswers sessions
  • Self-study

Presumed foreknowledge
The course is open for all students of the clusters biological sciences and molecular sciences
Test information
  • exam, counts for 60%, minimum grade 5.5
  • project, counts for 40%, minimum grade 5.5
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    Course manual and other literature will be distributed through Brightspace.
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    Course manual and other literature will be distributed through Brightspace.

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    Attendance MandatoryYes

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    Test weight3
    Test typeExam
    OpportunitiesBlock KW3, Block KW4

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    Test typeProject
    OpportunitiesBlock KW3, Block KW4