Bachelor Internship and Report
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Course moduleNWI-MOL200A
Credits (ECTS)12
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Science; Moleculaire Wetenschappen;
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prof. dr. E. Aarts
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dr. M. Ansems
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dr. A. Arias Vasquez
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K.K.W. van Asseldonk, MSc
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dr. J.H.F. de Baaij
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Academic year2023
JAAR  (04/09/2023 to 31/08/2024)
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Placement procedure-
After this internship, you are able to:
  • study a scientific research question as a member of a research team under the guidance of a staff member
  • produce, critically interpret and present (in written report and oral presentation) scientific data following the standards of scientific integrity, guided by a staff member
  • take part in a scientific discussion on your research topic
  • position your research project in a broader scientific and societal context
  • create your own career perspective being aware of the available master’s programmes guided by the opportunities on the job market
The final part of your bachelor's programme is a research internship of 8 weeks that gives you the opportunity to apply all the knowledge and skills that you acquired over the last three years. The internship not only is a proof of competence, is also gives you a first, hands on, insight in doing scientific research. In general, lab courses are not representative and give you only a partial impression of research. Also, the bachelor internship can help you choose a master specialisation.
Usually, the bachelors internship is done at the university because it is your first experience participating in actual research. However, it is always possible to look for an external internship after consulting with your student advisor.

Presumed foreknowledge
Propedeuse (the complete first year) + at least 60 ec more of bachelor's courses.
Test information
Grading takes place based on the execution of the practical or theoretical research work, on the oral presentation, and on the written report. Criteria can be found on the assessment form elsewhere in this prospectus.
Grading also involves a second reviewer. You will select the second reviewer in consultancy with the primary reviewer (examiner).
For full procedure, please see the course guide.

The Bachelor internship and report constitutes your Bachelor's thesis.
Please also see the information on finding suitable internships that is available elsewhere in this prospectus. Plan the internship together with your supervisor and fill out the digital internship planning form.
Registration for the bachelors internship starts in Osiris Cases.
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