Major Research Proposal
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Course moduleSOW-BS027
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CategoryMA (Master)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Social Sciences; Behavioural Science;
prof. dr. M.P.J. Vervloed
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prof. dr. M.P.J. Vervloed
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prof. dr. M.P.J. Vervloed
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2018
JAAR  (03/09/2018 to 31/08/2019)
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At the end of the Major Research proposal
-       Student has advanced knowledge and insight of the paradigms and theories of the topics of his/her major research project
-       Student is able to do an independent literature search
-       Student has understanding and experience with proposal writing and the reviewing process.
-       Student can integrate existing knowledge to develop research questions and hypotheses.
-       Student is able to select appropriate designs and research methods for solving research questions, taking into account the institute’s available infrastructure
-       Student can clearly communicate the rationale and relevance of his/her research questions and hypotheses and can explain the methods and procedures to be used in his/her project.
-       Student has understanding of and experience with the academic processes; proposal writing and reviewing.

The major research proposal aims to demonstrate that the student has knowledge and insight in a chosen research field and that the student can write a research proposal. It also aims to enable students to gain experience with the formal reviewing process. The proposal is peer-reviewed; so not the supervisors of the student are the reviewers, but an independent committee. The committee also checks feasibility, and fit within the BSI.
Based on a thorough literature study, the student writes an individual research proposal on a topic in Behavioural Science that fits within the BSI and can be supervised by a senior BSI supervisor. The proposal contains a research plan in which (1) the theoretical relevance of the topic is substantiated and the research questions and hypotheses are clearly formulated, (2) the research methods and procedures are described, and (3) a time schedule for conducting the research is proposed.
More information can be found in the Major Research Guideline.

Exam information
An evaluation committee in which representatives from the Psychological and Educational and Communication Science staff are participating evaluates the proposal. There are deadlines for handing in the proposal in October, February and June. Exact deadlines are published on Brightspace.
    The student receives feedback (in writing) within a month after the submission deadline. There are three categories of feedback: 1) the proposal is approved by the committee; 
    2) the student is asked for a letter of clarification; 3) the proposal has to be revised and resubmitted. The committee specifies a deadline for the submission of the clarification letter or the revised proposal. The procedure may then be repeated until approval from the evaluation committee is obtained
Required materials
Subject specific literature.
Learning Management System (Brigthspace)
The format for the major research proposal can be downloaded from Brightspace.

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Research Project

Research proposal
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