General Introduction to Psychology
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Course moduleSOW-PSB1GE06E
Credits (ECTS)7
CategoryB1 (First year bachelor)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Social Sciences; Psychology;
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prof. dr. H. Bekkering
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prof. dr. H. Bekkering
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S. Chaairi Taeh
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dr. T.A.M. Lansu
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dr. T.A.M. Lansu
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Academic year2023
PER1  (04/09/2023 to 03/11/2023)
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  1. You have an overview of the field of psychology and its sub-disciplines, such as biological, social, developmental and clinical psychology.
  2. You have insight into how different factors can influence human thinking, feelings and behaviour. Important factors are biological and social processes, the existence of individual differences, the role of prior experiences and the current context you are in.
  3. You have insight into which questions psychology aims to answer and understand how the empirical cycle is used to this end.
  4. You can assess the relevance of psychological articles (scientific and popular-scientific) and formulate critical questions about them.
  5. You develop personal skills for giving and receiving feedback in a professional and constructive manner, both verbally and written.
  6. You start a process to develop a professional identity as a psychologist. You are able to critically reflect on and communicate about your perspective, both verbally and written.
  7. You acquire insight in how to study psychological resources and extract the main points and insights, enabling you to successfully complete multiple choice tests.  
The course gives an introduction into the discipline of psychology. It will start outlining what Psychology is about: which questions does it want to answer and how does it do so? What does it mean for something to be psychological knowledge? During the course we will cover multiple sub-disciplines such as biological, social, developmental and clinical psychology. Topics that will be discussed include among others research methodology, memory, consciousness, perception, emotion, personality and psychological disorders and their treatment.
Next to teaching you about psychology, the course also encourages you to reflect on your future professional identity as a psychologist. Besides the above-mentioned curriculum there will be weekly exercises to guide this reflection process. You will learn not only to question your own assumptions but also help others questions theirs by providing constructive feedback and discussion.
At the end of the course you will have an overview over the discipline of psychology and will have started your professionalization of becoming a psychologist.

Presumed foreknowledge

Test information
Assessment for this course consists of three elements:

1) Weekly written assignments with a portfolio at the end.
Each week there are written assignments to complete. You will give and receive feedback on these for/from your fellow students. At the end of the course there is a portfolio assignment. Here you reflect on the course in relation to your previous assignments as well as test your understanding of the course material. 

2) Weekly InQuizitive assignments
Every week there are interactive assignments on the course material of that week. The goal of the assignments is to stimulate you to interact with the course material and to give you insight in your learning process. Completing all assignments for each week is a requirement for passing the course.

3) Portfolio
To be eligible to hand in the portfolio, you need to have no more than two strikes (i.e. three strikes is out). A strike is given if you don't hand in the weekly writing assignments, not provide peer feedback on the assignment or don't do the weekly tests. The score is kept by your workgroup teacher over the entire course.

The course is pass/fail (i.e., you will not receive a grade).

This assessment is ONLY for students of the psychology bachelor. Students from different disciplines have to meet different criteria.

Required materials
Phelps, E.A., Berkman, E.T., & Gazzaniga, M.S. (2022). Psychological Science (7th edition). Norton, New York.

Instructional modes
InQuizitive online assignments
Attendance MandatoryYes
Type of instructional modeAssignment

Attendance MandatoryYes
Type of instructional modeLecture

Question-and-answer seminars
Type of instructional modeResponse course

Type of instructional modeWorking group

Test weight0
Test typeExam
OpportunitiesBlock PER1

Test weight1
Test typePortfolio
OpportunitiesBlock PER1, Block PER2