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Course moduleSOW-PSB1RS16E
Credits (ECTS)1
CategoryB1 (First year bachelor)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Social Sciences; Psychology;
J.A.M. van Kraaij, MSc
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J.A.M. van Kraaij, MSc
Other course modules lecturer
J.A.M. van Kraaij, MSc
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2023
JAAR  (04/09/2023 to 12/07/2024)
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Placement procedure-
  1. You can be the subject in the studies of others.
  2. You can (based on a debriefing and results) get an idea of ​​the studies that you've participated in.
  3. You can reflect on your experiences as a test subject.
Research plays an important role in the psychology programme. The existing knowledge is established through research and this knowledge is still being completed and deepened through new research. Not only will you as a student design and execute your own research in the coming year, you will also be a 'test subject' and participate in research conducted at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The research laboratories involved are the Behavioural Studies - lab ( ) and the Donders lab (
As a participant in the studies of others you gain experience with regard to the role of the subject in a wide variety of psychological research situations and get to know the actual course of all kinds of empirical studies. In addition, by being a test subject you contribute to the research of academic staff and senior students (for research projects, internships and/or papers). Not only do you get to experience being a subject, you also offer your fellow students what you will reclaim in your second and third years: the opportunity to collect data to investigate.

  • You will earn 1 EC for 24 Test Subject hours (TS) in research. Please note! If you do not cancel on time and do not show up at the study, you will need to earn two extra subject credits.
  • Based on your experiences as a test subject, you will write a short reflection that will be discussed within the Research Project1 (RP1). You will find this reflection task in the 'Course Information' section on Brightspace. So, after each participation immediately take notes about what you noticed in the research and debriefing. Add the results you will receive by e-mail later on. You need these notes for the reflection assignment.
  • The credits are administered in an online system: SONA ( In order to get started, you create an account in the system. Please note: in order to obtain Test Subject credits in the system you will need to enter your student number when creating your account. Moreover, you should indicate that you are registered for the course “Psychologie (voor punten): eerstejaars 2023-2024”.
  • After registration you will be assigned an anonymous ID code by the system. Researchers can only give credits based on this code, so make sure you always have this code with you when you go to participate in a studies.
  • When you first log into the system, you get a long questionnaire, called pre-screening test. Completing this test is mandatory and you receive a half TS credit for completing this test! Once you have completed the pre-screening test and have acquired the remaining 23.5 credits, you have fulfilled the test subject hours duty. You can then choose to create an account if you still want to participate in studies for money.
  • Check before you register for a study whether that study offers subject credits. Please note that you are responsible for having your obtained TS-credits registered properly. Make sure you have registered for a study before entering it. If the day after participating in the study the subject credits are not granted, please contact the researcher (contact details are in the system).
  • You are explicitly advised to take part throughout the whole year as a test subject. If everyone only participates at the end of the year, there will be too few hours, and you may not complete the course. Also, the researchers will wait in vain on subjects at the beginning of the year. Most studies take place between March and July, so there will be plenty of opportunity for you to participate in studies! Please make sure to finish before July, in order to make the EC counts for your Binding Study Advice.
  • If you have any questions about the procedure concerning the registration in SONA, e-mail: (the administrator will handle mail). Other questions you can e-mail to Janne van Kraaij (
Should you have objections
When you cannot endorse the above learning objectives because you have objections to function as a test subject, you can e-mail Janne van Kraaij ( to submit a written request to be allowed to do a substitute examination. Make sure to do so by February of the first year.

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24 test hours; reflection assignment
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