Me and My Career
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Course moduleSOW-PSB23PS33E
Credits (ECTS)1
CategoryB2 (Second year bachelor)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Social Sciences; Psychology;
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J. Maas, MSc
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dr. T.H.J. van Noorden
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M.B.E. Peperkamp, MSc
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M.B.E. Peperkamp, MSc
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M.B.E. Peperkamp, MSc
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Academic year2020
JAAR  (01/09/2020 to 27/08/2021)
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  1. Understanding the importance and challenges of lifelong learning.
  2. Learning to give direction to your learning process as a future scientist practitioner.
  3. Learning to deal with the challenging relationship between theory and practice.
  4. Gain more insight into the daily work of psychologists within various fields of psychology and reflect on which tasks and responsibilities match your preferences and competencies.
Maybe so far you have just sort of let the programme all wash over you, without wondering what psychological themes make your heart tick? Without asking yourself in which fields of practice you want to be employed in the future? And without considering whether the work fields of your preference really fit with your personal strengths and competencies?
Graduates often sigh: "I wish I had thought about my future career way earlier". Therefore in Me & My Career (MMC) we challenge you to stop avoiding these career questions and to start taking them seriously.

For B2 en B3 students:
During the course, it is explained what lifelong learning and interweaving science and practice is and how we can give substance to these concepts in psychology. You will work on challenging cases from practice, in collaboration with fellow students (your future colleagues). In addition, you will reflect on your development as an future scientist practitioner. You will receive feedback about this reflection from the lecturer and fellow students.
Furthermore, the Dutch speaking students get to play a serious game that gives them more insight into the daily work affairs of psychologists in various fields in the Netherlands. English-speaking students will have a mandatory interview with an ambassador. Ambassadors are alumni of Radboud University who work in a psychological field and who are willing to discuss the content of working as a psychologist with you, in small groups.
Additional for B3 students:
Dutch speaking student: you will participate in at least one interview with an ambassador (NL or ENG) in semester 2, together with other students.
English speaking students: you will participate in at least two interviews with an ambassador. One interview that every student in B3 conducts. And one interview instead of the serious game that Dutch speaking students do about the Dutch labour market for psychologists.

Presumed foreknowledge
For B2:
  • Methods of professional conduct’ (SOW-PSB1PS12E)
  • Professional Skills for psychologists’ (SOW-PSB1PS13E)
For B3:
  • Conversational skills in Psychology’ (SOW-PSB2PS35E).
Test information
Knowledge of the lecture is a requirement for participation in the practical meetings.
You need to be prepared for the practical meetings by making the self-study assignments after the lecture and by completing the evaluation. During the practical meetings, you are expected to give a presentation to group members and actively participate in the meetings. Attending the practical meetings is mandatory.

Assessment (pass/ fail) will consist of active participation in the assignments and in the practicals (see course manual). 
Please note: you will not be able to complete your bachelor programme without completing the four MMC-assignments. 
Me & My Career - becoming a scientist practitioner is a 1 ec course, spread over your B2 and B3 year. You will attain this 1 ec at the end of your B3 year, once you have passed the four assignments.
Registration for the practical group of 16 people is based on 'first come, first serve'.
This course is for Psychology students only. It cannot be taken through contract education.
Required materials
Course material
The Brightspace course Me & My Career 2020-2022 provides you with the course manual, literature and lots of background material, to support you in doing the assignments.

Instructional modes
Type of instructional modeAssignment

Attendance MandatoryYes
Type of instructional modeLecture

Practical meetings
Attendance MandatoryYes
Type of instructional modeLab course

Active participation
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Test typeParticipation
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