Statistics 2
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Course moduleSOW-PSB2RS25E
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Social Sciences; Psychology;
dr. J.L. Ellis
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dr. J.L. Ellis
Other course modules lecturer
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dr. J.L. Ellis
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dr. S. Pieters
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Academic year2018
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RemarksYou can enrol to the workgroups until September 1 via Brightspace. See the instructions on Brightspace.
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When presented with data and questions, you show the ability to statistically analyse, report and interpret data from research with more than two groups or variables. Background knowledge of the functions and problems of such research. Skilful choice of the correct analysis method and in the use of SPSS.

  1. Variation analysis: expansion of the t-tests to designs with more than two groups or variables
  2. Generalisability theory: specification of the degree of “agreement” between different observers or measuring instruments
  3. Dealing with SPSS for Windows and choosing the right analysis method
  4. Multiple regression: expansion of regression and correlation to designs with more than two variables
  5. GLM/MANOVA: variation analysis for designs with multiple types of dependent or independent variables
  6. Non-parametric tests: expansions of all previous tests for variables that are abnormally distributed, including variables that are qualitative or have only been assigned an order.
Examination information
  • Two “closed-book” written partial examinations
  • SPSS assignment, to be handed in three days before the second examination
  • Two assignments (optional), one for each examination: theses may lead to higher partial examination marks (conditions that apply; see Brightspace).
  • A passing mark for both partial examinations and for the SPSS assignment is required. If this requirement is met, the mark will be the average of the score for the two partial examinations, both counting for 50%.
  • In the second examination a number of questions count as 'knockout' criteria. See Brightspace. 
Admission to B2 year
Passing mark for Statistics 1.

Contact information
Dr. J.L. Ellis, tel. +31 24 361 2657, open office: see Brightspace. All course information is accessible through Brightspace.

Required materials
J.L. Ellis (2013). Statistiek voor de Psychologie, part 3. Variantieanalyse (2nd edition). The Hague: Boom Lemma.
J.L. Ellis (2013). Statistiek voor de Psychologie, part 4. GLM en non-parametrische toetsen (2nd edition). The Hague: Boom Lemma.
J.L. Ellis et al. Guide to SPSS (on Blackboard).
You may use a calculator with statistical functions; a graphic calculator is not permitted.

Instructional modes
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Question-and-answers seminars
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Thorough reading of literature

SPSS practicals
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Attendance MandatoryYes

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Open SPSS&optional assign.
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