Learning, Remembering and Forgetting
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Course moduleSOW-PSB3BC40E
Credits (ECTS)4
CategoryB3 (Third year bachelor)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Social Sciences; Psychology;
dr. J.H.R. Maes
Other course modules lecturer
dr. J.H.R. Maes
Other course modules lecturer
Contactperson for the course
dr. J.H.R. Maes
Other course modules lecturer
dr. J.H.R. Maes
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2023
PER4  (08/04/2024 to 12/07/2024)
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Course open to students from other facultiesYes
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Placement procedure-
After attending the course you are able to:
  1. Apply theoretical models and corresponding empirical evidence related to learning and memory to normal and clinical behavioural phenomena. (FQ 1, 3)
  2. Analyze normal and clinical behavioural phenomena related to learning and memory in terms of theoretical models and underlying neurobiological substrates. (FQ 1, 3, 5)
  3. Evaluate extant theoretical models and knowledge concerning underlying neurobiological substrates as explanations for normal and clinical behavioural phenomena related to learning and memory. (FQ 5)
This course is concerned with specific issues of learning and memory, discussing behavioural, cognitive and neurobiological aspects. These issues will also be related to disorders in human behaviour. Topics to be discussed include associative and non-associative learning processes and their role in clinical manifestations, such as anxiety disorders and addiction, disorders of semantic and episodic memory, memory and emotion, working memory and working memory disorders, and learning and memory across the life span. 

Written exam, consisting of open-answer questions.

Presumed foreknowledge
At least a full year (60 ects) of prior study in the field of Psychology, Medicine or Biology. The course presumes basic knowledge of cognitive and biological aspects of intact learning and memory, and some knowledge of memory disorders. This knowledge may have been partly acquired in previous bachelor courses, such as the general introductory psychology course (B1), the introductory course on the brain (B1), the main theme course on learning (B2), the clinical neuropsychology course (B2), and the course on cognitive neuropsychology (B3). In case of too many enrollments, Psychology students have priority over students from other faculties or universities.
Test information
Written exam with open questions (100%)

Required materials
Gluck, M.A., Mercado, E., & Myers, C.E. (2020). Learning and Memory. From Brain to Behavior (4th ed.). New York: Worth.
Title:Learning and Memory. From Brain to Behavior
Author:Gluck, M.A., Mercado, E., & Myers, C.E.
Publisher:Worth Publishers

Instructional modes
Type of instructional modeLecture

Regular lectures

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Type of instructional modeWorking group

Interactive lectures/ working groups

Written exam: open answer questions
Test weight1
Test typeDigital exam with CIRRUS
OpportunitiesBlock PER4, Block PER4