Research Project 3: Brain & Cognition
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Course moduleSOW-PSB3RS50E
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Social Sciences; Psychology;
drs. J.M.T. van Alst
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Contactperson for the course
prof. dr. R.J. van Lier
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prof. dr. R.J. van Lier
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dr. I.M. Rabeling-Keus
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dr. I.M. Rabeling-Keus
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Academic year2018
PER1-PER2  (03/09/2018 to 03/02/2019)
Starting block
Course mode
RemarksThe course starting in August is only open to students who were already in their third year in academic year 2018-2019
Registration using OSIRISYes
Course open to students from other facultiesNo
Waiting listNo
Placement procedure-
After completing Research Project 3 and Bachelor thesis, the student will be able to set up and conduct the principal forms of empirical research, commonly used in the field of psychology and to report the findings under only limited supervision. (EQ 1, 4, and 5).
In Research Project 3, you are going to expand and deepen your research skills and your communicative skills, by independently designing and conducting a study on a psychological topic. This topic fits within one of the three main fields of Psychology: Brain & Cognition, Behaviour & Environment, or Development & Mental Health.
Research Project 3 has a strong connection with the course Bachelor’ thesis, in which you will write a research paper about the study you conducted in Research Project 3.
Preceding the start of Research Project 3, a number of different research topics will be presented to students. After registration for the course, students can indicate their preferences for the different topics by filling in a test in Brightspace. Based on these preferences students will be assigned to a specific research project of 2 to 4 students.
After being assigned to a project, you will make appointments with your teacher and the other students in your research group about the dates and times of the meetings for Research Project 3 and Bachelor’s thesis.
  • Compulsory attendance at work group meetings
  • Individually written research proposal (40%)
  • Individual oral presentation (40%)
  • Assessment of research process (20%).
Important: grades for partial tests cannot be transferred to the next academic year.
Additional information
Under conditions it is possible to take Research Project 3 and the Bachelor's Thesis in the first semester. See Studentportal: Study Abroad.
Additional comments
The course starting in Period 1 is only meant for students who are already third-year students in the academic year 2017-2018.
This Research project is accessible for Psychology students only. This course cannot be taken via contract-education.
Would you prefer not to take part in one of the standard projects we offer, for example because you hope to do RP3 abroad? Under specific conditions, you may be permitted to do a non-standard project. Information: dr. Inge Rabeling ( Bear in mind that a (detailed) proposal for a non-standard project must be submitted to the course coordinators at least two months before the beginning of the coming semester (in other words, no later than 1 July or 1 December, depending on the RP3 variant you take).

Completion of propedeuse
Completion of 120 ects bachelor Psychology courses, including Statistics 2 and Research Project 2
Knowledge of Psychometrics is assumed.
Knowledge of Data Analysis is assumed.
Knowledge of Applied Research Methods is assumed.

Contact information
Mw.dr. Inge Rabeling (coordinator),, +31 24 361 2805

Required materials
Course guide
Rabeling, I.M. (2018). Course manual Research Project 3 and Bachelor's Thesis. Nijmegen: Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Institute of Psychology and Artificial Intelligence. Available via Brightspace.

Instructional modes

Individual supervision


Working group
Attendance MandatoryYes

Please note: attending the group meetings is mandatory.

Proposal, Oral Presentation, Process
Test weight1
OpportunitiesBlock PER2, Block PER3